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Samsung Introduces Latest Series of Enhanced Wearables and New Samsung Pay Loyalty Programme at Galaxy Studio in Singapore

Sep 08. 2017

• The Gear Sport, Gear Fit2 Pro and Gear IconX are the latest additions to Samsung’s wearables range, and combine the best in smart living, fitness and health, to help consumers accomplish bigger things beyond fitness

• Samsung Rewards, the new loyalty programme for Samsung Pay offers consumers a more rewarding payment experience when making transactionsfeatures

Singapore – 8 September 2017 – Samsung Electronics Singapore today debuted a series of exciting new announcements at the preview of Galaxy Studio at The Plaza, VivoCity. Three new devices to its industry-leading wearables line – the Gear Sport, the Gear Fit2 Pro and the Gear IconX were introduced at the preview. In addition, Samsung also announced Samsung Rewards, a new loyalty programme for Samsung Pay, its flagship mobile payment service.



"Consumers are the driving force behind Samsung's desire to continually innovate and we are committed to creating meaningful innovations, such as the Galaxy Note8 and the new additions to our wearables family, that aim to enhance consumers' everyday life," said Lee Jui Siang, President, Samsung Electronics Singapore.



"We are heartened by the growing support from consumers, with a strong 84 percent of Note owners in Singapore stating that they would recommend the Note to others. Samsung will continue to introduce programmes like Samsung Rewards that bring greater value to consumers and we invite everyone to the Galaxy Studio where they can make new discoveries about how our innovations can better lives," Lee added.



Enhanced Gear Wearables to Keep Consumers Moving

Designed to help consumers get the most out of their day and help them live a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, these latest innovations in Samsung's Gear portfolio have a wide range of features that provide users with the optimal experience on a range of activities – from robust fitness tracking to nutrition and sleep monitoring1, as well as motivational coaching as a lifestyle companion. The new line-up of wearables is equipped with new smart capabilities and easy-to-use features, and is also supported by partnerships with leading names in tech and fitness. The Gear Sport is a sleek and versatile fitness-focused smartwatch that is water resistant; the Gear Fit2 Pro smartwatch is an enhanced GPS sports band integrated with smart features; and the Gear IconX is the second generation of Samsung's groundbreaking cord-free earbuds. New capabilities have also been introduced for the Gear Sport and Gear Fit2 Pro, demonstrating Samsung's continued expansion in the fitness wearable category.


 Industry-Leading Water Resistance and Swim Tracking: An ideal companion for any swim – from laps to playing in the pool – the Gear Sport and Gear Fit2 Pro are both 5 ATM2 certified for water resistance. With Speedo's latest swimming training app, Speedo On, both devices also allow users to easily track key swim metrics including lap count, lap time, setting swim times and distance targets, and more.


• Top-of-the-line Heart Rate Monitoring: With improved accuracy, both devices offer advanced real-time heart rate monitoring1, where users can continuously monitor their heart activity – when enjoying a stress-free nap, or an invigorating cycling class.


• Premium Partnerships: The Gear Sport and Gear Fit2 Pro comes complemented with Under Armour and Spotify partnerships. Users can access Under Armour's fitness apps, including Under Armour RecordTM, MyFitness Pal®, MapMyRun® and Endomondo™, where they can be provided with a holistic overview of their health and fitness, through the apps' activity, nutrition, sleep and fitness tracking functions. With Spotify's Offline mode, users can also listen to their favourite music offline or even without their smartphone, and enjoy their favourite tunes regardless of where they are.


• Auto Activity Detection: Both devices are both built-in with automatic activity detection that are tuned with and able to recognise users' activities, including walking, running, cycling and even dancing and playing basketball.


• Personalized Motivation: Gear Sport and Gear Fit2 Pro users can customise their own wellness plan with tailored goals and alerts on both devices.


• Payments On the Go: The Gear Sport also features Samsung Pay3, making payments accessible on users' wrists, where they will be able to make payments on the go, even while on a run!


Gear Sport: A New Versatile Smartwatch for an Active and Balanced Lifestyle

The Gear Sport is a stylish yet practical smartwatch. Available in Blue and Black, the Gear Sport's sleek and ergonomic form can be worn in a variety of colourful and easily changeable standard 20mm straps, making it perfect for any occasion, where users can effortlessly transition from the gym to a night out with friends.



The Gear Sport is equipped with a minimalistic, circular bezel, a 1.2-inch SUPER AMOLED display and an improved user interface that makes it easy for users to view information, even when on-the-go. With the Gear Sport, users can work to achieve their health and wellness goals1, where they can receive nutrition management alerts and activity recommendations even when they are offline.



Designed with military-level durability, the Gear Sport can handle a wide range of user environments4. Equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC), users can also use the Gear Sport to make mobile payments3 via Samsung Pay with a flick of their wrist.



Gear Fit2 Pro: A GPS Fitness Band with Advanced Features

In addition to the new swim and heart rate monitoring capabilities1, the new Gear Fit2 Pro features advanced built-in GPS tracking to capture users' run or ride with accurate activity tracking. The Gear Fit2 Pro also features a SUPER AMOLED 1.5-inch curved display and a high-resolution colour touchscreen, which makes real-time updates and notifications easier to read. Available in Black and Red, the Gear Fit2 Pro's all-new secure and ergonomic band is lightweight and comfortable to use for all activities while its versatile design makes it a stylish accessory.



Gear IconX: Cord-free Earbuds with a Seamless Audio Experience
Available in Black, Gray and Pink, the updated Gear IconX cord-free earbuds features a more ergonomic and lightweight design, and is effectively more secure, comfortable and stylish to use. Ideal for the fitness enthusiast, the Gear IconX automatically tracks one's running routines, and also features the standalone Running Coach function, which can be activated by simply tapping the earbud to provide in-ear audio5 exercise status updates – in real-time and without one's smartphone.



Users can also effortlessly listen to their favourite music on the new Gear IconX – making their daily commute more enjoyable and allowing them to get more from their workouts. With up to 4GB of internal storage6, users can also enjoy their music offline by transferring their music from a Samsung smartphone7 or PC, or accessing their favourite tunes through Bluetooth® connectivity. Equipped with fast-charging capabilities and an improved battery life of up to five hours of music streaming or seven hours of standalone music playback8, Gear IconX users can enjoy a seamless and fully standalone music listening experience. The earbuds are also users' newest connection to Bixby9, where with a simple tap and hold, users can use their voice to control their music or their smartphone, without having to hold it in their hands.



Local Pricing and Availability


The Gear Sport, Gear Fit2 Pro and Gear IconX will be available from Q4 2017.


Samsung Rewards for Samsung Pay

Samsung today also announced the launch of Samsung Rewards for Samsung Pay, the secure and easy-to-use mobile payment service that can be used to make purchases almost anywhere10 in Singapore. The first to launch in the Southeast Asia region, the launch of the new loyalty programme for the company's flagship mobile payment service in the country follows its initial roll-out in U.S. and South Korea, in November 2016 and March 2017 respectively. In appreciation of the positive uptake of the mobile payment service by consumers, Samsung Rewards aims to provide Samsung Pay users with a more rewarding payment experience when making their purchases.



Samsung Rewards is a tiered loyalty programme specially curated for Samsung Pay users, where consumers can earn points from their transactions, which can then be redeemed for additional rewards in the form of gift vouchers from participating merchants or used to participate in the in-app games such as Spin-the-Wheel or Flip-a-Card for additional instant wins. Consisting of three loyalty tiers – Gold, Silver and Bronze – users can level up across the tiers after meeting a target number of transactions. With each level up achieved in the Samsung Rewards programme, users can get to earn more points per transaction, reaping additional rewards in return. [More information on Samsung Rewards tiers and points mechanics can be found in Appendix A].



Samsung Rewards will be available on Samsung Pay from 15 September 2017, which is accepted at the vast majority of merchants in Singapore. Consumers may also try out the mobile payment service at the Samsung Pay Café, which will be exclusively showcased at Galaxy Studio from 9 September to 29 October 2017, 11am to 9pm daily.



Customers using Samsung Pay can play its in-app Spin-the-Wheel Game for only 10 Samsung Rewards Points per spin. From 15 September to 29 October 2017, Samsung will be holding special launch promotions for Samsung Pay's in-app Spin-the-Wheel Game, where customers can stand a chance to win the below great prizes:


• Samsung Gear Fit2 worth $298
• A pair of Universal Studios Singapore's Halloween Horror Nights NightsTM 7 Tickets worth $136
• $5 Grab e-Voucher
• 100 Samsung Rewards Points


Users will also be able to redeem the following gift vouchers with their Samsung Rewards Points:


• Little Swim School Trial Lesson for Toddlers (500 Samsung Rewards Points)
• Samsung Wireless Charging Pad (600 Samsung Rewards Points)
• $5 Dairy Farm Group e-Voucher (1000 Samsung Rewards Points)
• $5 Grab e-Voucher (1000 Samsung Rewards Points)


In addition, all Samsung Pay users will receive 50 Samsung Rewards points as a Welcome Gift, and customers using the new Galaxy Note8 will also receive an additional 250 Samsung Rewards points when they make their first Samsung Pay transaction on their new device!



More Than a Payment Service

A secure and easy-to-use mobile payment service, Samsung Pay can be used to make purchases almost anywhere10 that credit and debit cards are accepted.


• SIMPLE: With Samsung Pay, every transaction is made super easy. You simply need to swipe up to bring up the last transacted credit or debit card, scan your iris11 or scan your fingerprint or key in your PIN and make payment.


• SECURE: With each separate transaction, Samsung Pay uses an encrypted digital token to replace sensitive card information to prevent fraud. Your payment information is better protected than ever before. Transactions made on Samsung Pay require registered fingerprint or iris scan11 or PIN for authorization, so you are in control when each payment is made. The encrypted fingerprint and iris scan11 information are stored in a separate, secure area of your device. Samsung's industry-leading defence grade Knox security platform, which received the most "Strong" ratings of any mobile security platform for Corporate Managed Security12, provides real-time kernel protection and monitors malicious software and activities on your device for added security.


• ALMOST ANYWHERE10: Samsung Pay is accepted almost anywhere10 you can swipe or tap your credit or debit card. By incorporating Samsung's proprietary MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) technology, together with NFC (Near Field Communication), Samsung Pay is compatible with the majority of existing and new payment terminals, allowing users to pay with their compatible Samsung smartphone almost anywhere. Thanks to MST, Singapore users can also use Samsung Pay for transactions up to their individual cards' limit.


Samsung Galaxy Note8 Survey Findings


Following the launch of the Galaxy Note8, Samsung also unveiled the survey findings from a recent market research survey in Singapore on the Galaxy Note series13. The survey looked at sentiment from Note owners towards the Note device and factors influencing smartphone purchase among smartphone owners.


Key findings from the survey also include:


 Note users are loyal fans

More than 8 in 10 Note users love their Samsung Galaxy Note devices, with 84 percent of Note owners stating that they would recommend the Note to others, 85 percent stating that the Note is a smartphone they are proud to own, and 73 percent stating that the Note is the best smartphone they ever had.


• The Galaxy Note is synonymous with productivity and accomplishment, with its large high-quality screen and S Pen as key drivers

Amongst Note users in Singapore, 82 percent feel productive, while 78 percent feel accomplished, when using their Note device. 67 percent of Note owners also multitask with their Note device.


o 88 percent of users state that the larger high-quality screen on the Note makes work easier to accomplish
o 59 percent of users say that the S Pen makes them more productive than they have been on other smartphones
o 62 percent of users takes note with their S Pen


• A premium and high-quality screen and a longer battery life are among the top most attractive features for the average smartphone owner

Smartphone owners in Singapore chose the Note's screen quality and battery life as key selling points (45 percent and 57 percent respectively).


 Note users feel a sense of connection with other Note users

66 percent of Note users in Singapore feel a sense of affinity with the Note community, where 57 percent also feel that they have more in common with those who use the same smartphone as them


With the Note's signature expansive screen and S Pen touted as productivity drivers for Note users in Singapore, it has become synonymous with the attractiveness of the Note series to smartphone users. The survey findings also illustrates the backbone of the Note community of enthusiasts that has emerged through their affinity for both features, since the conception of the Note devices.



The survey findings are a testament to Samsung's category-defining leadership in the smartphone market, where its Note series have set a new standard for large-screen devices.



Samsung Galaxy Studio – Taking consumers on an experiential journey

Held in celebration of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note8 in Singapore, Galaxy Studio will comprise specially curated experiential zones and comprehensive product showcase areas, where visitors can enjoy and try out a slew of fun and immersive activities that incorporates the all-round multimedia features of Samsung's connected suite of devices and services.


Activities at the various themed zones include:


• Embark on an Interactive Fitness Journey

In this curated experiential zone for the Gear Sport, visitors can get to try out first-hand the enhanced fitness features and capabilities of the smartwatch. By participating in an interactive game of cycling or rowing, visitors can get their adrenaline pumping and monitor their heart rate and burned calories using the Gear Sport1.



• S Pen Gallery

Visitors can get to experience how the amazing and enhanced S Pen can help them do bigger things in this zone. Using the S Pen features, visitors can try designing their own selfies on a specially created dedicated app, where they can even write a Live Message on the completed image to project on the LED screen.


• 360° Globe with Gear 360 (2017)

In the 360° Globe room, visitors can experience a magical and mystical whirlwind around them and the different ways to capture their travel memories in 360° using the new Gear 360 (2017).



• 4D VR Theatre

Take 4D VR experiences to new heights in Galaxy Studio's iconic VR experiential zone! Visitors can embark on the new vivid and thrilling Galactic Attack by Six-Flags® augmented reality roller coaster ride that offers an exciting gameplay shooting experience. On top of a fully immersive virtual reality coaster experience, visitors can even battle it out in space in VR-style to save the planet from an alien drone invasion, all via the Samsung Gear VR with Controller – it's simply out of this world!



• IP68 Portrait Pool

Visitors can experience the enhanced S Pen's IP68 capability in this zone. Using the Galaxy Note8, they can take a selfie and transform the image into an artistic canvas portrait drawing in ink, oil or liquid effect using the S Pen while dipping it underwater, experiencing the device's water resistance. Their creative artwork will also then be displayed on the underwater screen!



 Samsung Pay Café

In this zone, consumers can experience how Samsung Pay brings shopping convenience to their lives, where they can enjoy a complimentary KOKO ice-cream – a delicious coconut ice-cream in its husk complemented with coconut juice – from the in-house café.



• Experience the Latest Innovations in the Galaxy Family

Galaxy Studio will feature dedicated product showcase areas, presenting the latest devices in the Galaxy and Gear family – including the Galaxy Note8, Gear Sport, Gear Fit2 Pro, Gear IconX (2018) and Galaxy Plus – where visitors will get the opportunity to have a hands-on experience. Visitors can explore the key features of the new flagship via its Interactive Table, equipped with a wide range of interactive Galaxy Note8 content.
In addition, one-to-one white glove service by Samsung staff will be available to introduce the latest product features to visitors.



mySamsung Service Clinic

mySamsung customers visiting Galaxy Studio on the weekends can head down to the mySamsung Service Clinic to run a quick check on their Samsung Galaxy devices! Held exclusively for them, they simply need to flash or download the mySamsung app on their Galaxy device to enjoy the services, including:


• Five-point diagnostic test to ensure their devices are operating at the optimal level
• Free Screen Protector14


Galaxy Note8 Weekly Lucky Draws and Giveaways

Consumers visiting Galaxy Studio can also stand a chance to win15 attractive prizes in the weekly giveaway! Visitors can stand to win a pair of Universal Studios Singapore's Halloween Horror NightsTM 7 tickets between 9 September to 4 October, or a pair of Shilla Beauty Concert tickets to watch SHINee and Red Velvet between 5 October to 29 October, with a total of 120 pairs and 90 pairs of tickets respectively to be won. They can also stand a chance to win15 a a Galaxy Note8 worth $1,398 from the Grand Finale lucky draw, with a total of 8 units to be won!



To be eligible for the lucky draws, visitors will simply need to complete at least three different missions at the experiential zones, take a photo at Galaxy Studio and upload it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #GalaxyStudioSG, and fill up their particulars on an online form and submit the same at the Galaxy Studio redemption counter. Visitors who experience and complete at least three different missions at the experiential zones will also be able to redeem unique Bag Patches, available in eight designs12, from the Redemption Counter, and receive a complimentary14 exclusive Eco-bag.


Samsung Gear Sport Product Specifications:

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Product Specifications:

Samsung Gear IconX Product Specifications:

1 Not intended for use in detection, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring or management of any medical condition or disease. Any health-related information accessed through the device(s) and/or application(s) should not be treated as medical advice. Users should seek any medical advice from a physician.

2 Gear Sport and Gear Fit2 Pro have ISO 22810:2010 certification for 5 ATM rating of 50 meters (165 feet) under specific conditions. According to accredited test results, individual results may vary. This means that both devices are safe to wear while walking in the rain or showering, and may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean. However, the Gear Sport and Gear Fit2 Pro should not be used for scuba diving, waterskiing, or other activities involving high-velocity water or submersion below shallow depth.

3 Use of Samsung Pay on Gear requires installation of Samsung Gear app on compatible smartphone, and certain features may require Bluetooth® connectivity to the smartphone and network connectivity of the connected smartphone. Samsung Pay on Gear does not support all functionality available on Samsung Pay for smartphones.

4 Gear Sport is MIL-STD-810G certified. According to accredited test results, individual results may vary.

5 The Gear IconX voice guide supports nine languages including U.S. English, Chinese Mandarin, Spanish, German, French, Korean, Italian, Russian and Japanese.

6 Actual user-accessible internal storage is less than specified total memory due to operating system, software, and other built-in applications, and may vary after software updates/upgrades.

7 The Gear IconX is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 and above.

8 Based on Samsung's internal test results, and dependent on usage, battery conditions and other surrounding factors and conditions.
9 Limited to Samsung devices with Bixby voice capabilities including Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+

10 Availability almost anywhere is based on compatibility of Samsung Pay on MST and/or NFC payment terminals, with some supported for use only after software upgrades. Samsung Pay is exclusive to selected Samsung Galaxy smartphones and smartwatches only, and available across all participating payment networks, banks, and merchants. Availability may vary, please check for updates.

11 Do not use with infants, please consult a doctor before use if you have epileptic or other medical conditions. Iris Scanner may be unable to read your iris where view of your iris is impaired or the appearance of your iris changes, including when you are wearing glasses or coloured contact lenses.

12 Samsung Knox received the most 'Strong' ratings of any mobile security platform in the report "Mobile Device Security: A Comparison of Platforms" from Garter, Inc. The report, published on April 6, 2016, compared the core of security features built into twelve mobile device platforms as well as enterprise management capabilities. Source of data:

13 The survey of smartphone owners was conducted by Edelman Intelligence July 21 – August 2, 2017 and included 757 interviews with smartphone owners age 18 or older in Singapore.

14 Limited to 1 redemption per visitor. Free gifts are while stocks last and are not exchangeable for cash or other items.

15 Contest terms & conditions apply.


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Samsung Pay, a mobile payment service from Samsung Electronics, is simple, safe and available almost anywhere7 you can swipe or tap your card. Combining NFC (Near Field Communication) with Samsung's proprietary MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) technologies, Samsung Pay provides consumers a way to pay almost anywhere you can swipe or tap a card at merchant locations. Samsung continues to strategically expand its partnership ecosystem for Samsung Pay to provide greater flexibility, access, and choice for customers while enabling an easy and safe payment experience.


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