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Samsung Announces the Launch of Newly Enhanced SmartThings Sensors in Singapore

Oct 26. 2018

Samsung has announced the launch of the newly enhanced SmartThings Sensors in Singapore today, with upgraded performance to add smartness to your home, bringing ease and convenience. 


SmartThings is Samsung’s Smart Home solution. Integrated with Samsung Connect Home, it is the bridge that connects products from smartphones to home appliances1, simplifying home automation and boosting intelligent security. Available on both Android and iOS platforms2, the Samsung SmartThings App3 provides consumers with the flexibility and convenience to control their smart home easily. Users will have peace of mind be it at work or out relaxing on a weekend. 


Thanks to the re-designed SmartThings Sensors which serves a specific purpose individually, consumers can now secure their home with ‘Smart Home Monitor’ on SmartThings App when the sensors are used together. Users can personalize various scenarios such as ‘Arm Away’ where all sensors are switched on when family members are away, or ‘Arm Stay’ where only a few sensors are switched on when they are at home. 


Key Product Highlights


  • SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor: The SmartThingsMultipurpose Sensor receives alerts when doors, windows, or drawers open unexpectedly. Thanks to the built-in accelerometer, the sensor can also monitor vibrations to detect knocks on doors or when the laundry cycle is completed. In addition, consumers can be fully comfortable at home as the SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor monitors temperatures and trigger the air-conditioner to adjust automatically


  • SmartThings Motion Sensor: Consumers will always be informed when there is movement in their home as the SmartThings Motion Sensor will receive immediate alerts when motion is detected. With the option to set connected devices to switch on and off as people come and go, they will also be able to do more of the things they love with a much more convenient lifestyle at home.


  • SmartThings Water Leak Sensor: Consumers no longer have to worry about a water leakage at home as the SmartThings Water Leak Sensor will alert consumers at the first sign of excess water or unexpected change in temperature and trigger a light or siren if water is detected where it does not belong.


  • SmartThings Button: With just a touch of a button, consumers can simply control lights, speakers, appliances, and other connected devices in their homes1. Just like the Multipurpose Sensor, it can also monitor temperatures and trigger the air-conditioner to adjust automatically. 

Samsung SmartThings Sensors4 support a total of 153 devices, ranging from door bells to light bulbs and smoke sensors.



Local Pricing and Availability


The SmartThings Sensors will be available from 27 October 2018, at the following recommended retail prices (RRP) below. The Sensors will be available at Samsung Experience Stores, SingTel, selected consumer electronic stores and selected online marketplaces. 





SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor



SmartThings Motion Sensor



SmartThings Water Leak Sensor



SmartThings Button





For more information, please visit https://www.samsung.com/sg/smarthome/.



Subject to device compatibility.


2 Available on Android 6 and above, and iOS 10 and above.


3 Internet connection required.  App and services are subject to change without notice. Data usage fees may apply.


4 Information is accurate at the time of publication.