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Samsung Launches New Range of Smart Washing Machines and Dryers to Help Consumers Cut Time Spent on Laundry

Mar 18. 2021

• 84% of Singaporeans want to spend less than one hour on their laundry every time

• 65% have either forgotten or added the wrong amount of detergent to each wash

• With Samsung’s new QuickDrive™ washer and dryer range, consumers can look forward to spending less energy, time and effort on their laundry

SINGAPORE – 17 March 2021 – Samsung Electronics Singapore announced the launch of its 2021 washer and dryer line-up that delivers smart, personalised and efficient laundry experiences. The new line-up – which includes 21 washing machines, dryers and combo units – addresses some of the common grievances Singaporeans face when doing laundry, especially when it comes to delivering faster and smarter wash experiences.



“Singaporeans often face time pressures as they balance the demands of work and life in a fast-paced environment. Household chores like laundry can take up significant time in a day, but the advancement of technology can help to make such tasks more efficient for consumers. This is why we have introduced a new range of QuickDrive™ washing machines and dryers to offer effective washes for the modern Singaporeans. Powered by AI and IoT, along with our innovative Q-Drum™ technology, consumers can look forward to an appliance that helps them think about how best to handle their laundry, while halving the time needed for a wash cycle,” said Jacqueline Toh, Head of Digital Appliances Business, Samsung Electronics Singapore.

Reduce laundry time and increase energy savings while ensuring clean, quality washes

According to a Samsung commissioned survey of 500 Singaporeans aged 18 and above who do laundry at home, 78% are spending more than an hour on laundry every time. 84% of respondents also wished that they can spend less than one hour on laundry.



Powered by Samsung’s revolutionary QuickDrive™ technology, the new washing machine range offers cleaning at super speeds and smart user recommendations. The technology enables consumers to cut their washing time by half and reduce energy use by up to 20%¹ without compromising performance. Users can also expect fresh clothes in just 39 minutes with the Super Speed cycle².



With Samsung’s unique Q-Drum™ technology, the washers can wash clothes quickly and efficiently every time. With a 'main drum' and 'backplate' design that rotate independently, the washers can clean laundry effectively with dynamic action powered by dual forces. With Q-Bubble™ technology, additional water shots along with dynamic drum rotations create more powerful bubbles, which penetrate faster for quicker yet gentler washes.


In addition, Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor adds to energy efficiency by utilising strong magnets for quieter and stronger performance, while using less energy compared to a universal motor. This addresses a top purchase driver among 62% of Singaporeans who indicated that energy efficiency is a key factor when choosing a washing machine.

Samsung’s washers are awarded a 4-tick rating under PUB’s Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme, while dryers received a five-tick rating under NEA’s Mandatory Energy Labelling Scheme and Minimum Energy Performance Standards – both certified with the highest grade of water and energy efficiencies.

Intelligent features to prevent consumers from making common laundry mistakes

Determining the right amount of detergent is one frustrating pain point for Singaporeans. The survey found that 65% of respondents have either forgotten to add detergent or have not added the right amount of detergent with each wash. The survey also found that one in three Singaporeans (32%) reported damaging their garments during wash due to incorrect sorting of their clothing pieces.

The new AI Wash³ feature helps take the guesswork out of laundry by doing all the thinking for consumers. Its four built-in sensors detect the laundry load’s weight and soilage to determine the optimal amount of water and detergent to dispense. The patented turbidity sensor monitors the level of soiling during the wash and can adjust the volume of detergent and rinsing required accordingly to ensure a clean wash.

Adding to the smart laundry experience, AI Control allows users to wash clothes efficiently by remembering cycle preferences and suggesting personalised cycles. It also keeps users updated on the progress of their washes by displaying the cycle status on an intuitive display. Auto Cycle Link⁴  is available to sync washers and dryers, whereby the dryer will automatically select the most suitable drying course based on the wash cycle. Users can also receive advice on the best cycles, daily planning and troubleshooting problems when the appliances are paired with the SmartThings app⁵.

To make the laundry experience much simpler, Auto Detergent Dispenser allows consumers to load up to one month’s worth of detergent and softener⁶, and the machine will automatically dispense the appropriate amount for each wash cycle. This addresses the concerns of Singaporeans who are unsure about the right amount of detergent to add to their washes.


Users can enjoy next-level intelligence in an everyday appliance with Wi-Fi® Smart Control⁷  to manage their laundry from anywhere. The SmartThings app also provides convenience for consumers to control the washer and its functions directly from the smartphone.


The app features:


 Laundry Recipe recommends the most optimal cycle for the load based on inputs on colour, fabric type, and degree of soiling, taking the guesswork out of the washing process.


 Laundry Planner intelligently curates daily laundry plans by completing the wash cycle based on the desired laundry completion time, allowing users to free up their schedules by managing their time spent on laundry⁸.


• HomeCare Wizard proactively monitors your washer and provides remote troubleshooting to support users in the maintenance of washers at optimal condition.


The new washers also come with Samsung’s EcoBubble™ technology that maximises the effect of detergent by turning it into soft bubbles – allowing for faster penetration into fabrics, even in cold wash setting of 150C⁹. Colder washes save heating energy, while also protecting the fabric texture10 and colour. In addition, EcoBubble™ provides an improved fabric penetration and soil removal rate of 24%11, and will take care of clothes too, thanks to its clothing care performance improvement rate of 45.5%12.


As for the dryers, the new range supports Super Speed Drying, where consumers can enjoy the warm comfort of fresh clothes in 81 minutes13. Heatpump dryers come with Optimal Dry feature, with the help of three in-built sensors. Not only do the features dry garments more efficiently and protect clothing pieces during the laundry journey, they also ladder to consumers’ demand for shorter time commitment for their laundry.

Sanitising clothes for peace of mind

As a result of the global pandemic, Singaporeans are placing greater emphasis on ensuring the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness at home. Almost half of those surveyed (44%) wished their current washer is able to remove bacteria from their garments. 39% chose the elimination of germs and bacteria as a key purchase driver for their washing machines.




Hygiene Steam is a feature that gives clothes a deep, hygienic clean with steam that improves the cleaning quality without pre-treatments. Steam is released from the bottom of the washer drum which ensures every laundry item is thoroughly saturated. This removes ingrained grime and 99.9% of bacteria14 and allergens15.

Forgot your socks? AddWashTM stops washes midcycle for forgotten laundry

Two in five Singaporeans polled shared that they have left out smaller garment pieces like socks and towels while doing laundry, resulting in a need to start additional wash cycles, which is neither energy nor water efficient.

QuickDriveTM washers comes with the AddWashTM Door16 so users can stop washes midcycle to add forgotten items, rinse-only materials, and even extra detergent or fabric softener if needed.

Local Availability and Pricing

By April, the new line-up of QuickDriveTM washers and dryers will be available at the Samsung Online Store and major consumer electronics and IT stores. The 12kg Wash / 8kg Dry QuickDriveTM combo (WD12TP44DSX/SP) will be available in mid-May.

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Key Specifications

  • 1 Tested on WW8000T compared with Samsung WW6500K. Saves 50% time and saves 20% energy on Cotton (40℃, half load) cycle with washing performance within ±5%. Based on Intertek data.
  • 2 Based on using Super Speed at the default settings with a 5kg load.
  • 3 Only available in models WW9800T, WW9500T, WW9300T.
  • 4 Auto Cycle Link is only available when both the washer and dryer have AI Control and Wi-Fi® connected.
  • 5 Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi® connection and a Samsung account are required.
  • 6 Based on Normal concentration. Number of cycles will increase to 16 -20 times when softener of 2x/3x is used.
  • 7 Requires installation of SmartThings App on compatible Android or iOS device, with Android 6.0 and higher or iOS 10.0 and higher, and Wi-Fi® connectivity to the mobile device.
  • 8 The wash cycle will be recommended solely based on desired end time, and may not be appropriate based on the type of fabric or soil level of the clothing articles being washed. User is solely responsible for any consequence(s) that may result from user’s implementation of the recommended wash cycle, including but not limited to any damage to the articles caused by incorrect or incomplete information provided by the user.
  • 9 Tested in accordance with IEC 60456-2010 / 4kg Wash Load / Super Eco Wash cold (WF80F5E5U4W) vs. Cotton 40°C without Eco Bubble (WF0702WKU). Individual results may vary.
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  • 16 The Add Wash door only opens when the drum temperature is below 50°C. Only fabric items, clothing, detergent and softener can be added.