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Samsung Elevates Consumers’ Home Security with the New SmartCam Service

Nov 22. 2018

Samsung Electronics Singapore today announced the launch of a new Home Monitoring Video Service called SmartCam, in partnership with Singtel. Consumers no longer have to worry about their smart home security with the new SmartCam service which comes with the SmartThings Camera and 14 days of cloud storage. 


Clear Visuals with the High-Definition SmartThings Camera


Thanks to the High-Definition SmartThings Camera, consumers will be able to enjoy detailed clarity for their monitoring and security needs throughout the day and night. The HD Wi-Fi enabled camera also provides consumers with a live streaming service which they can access anywhere, anytime.


 Integrated Home Monitoring Service with Samsung SmartThings Ecosystem


Not only can consumers monitor their homes, but they can also have full control of their homes even on the go with the Samsung SmartThings Ecosystem. By connecting the SmartThings Camera with Samsung SmartThings Sensors, consumers will be able to easily check on guest arrival and open the door for visitors via the digital door lock.


 Advanced Motion Sensor and Home Security System


To enhance security, consumers have the flexibility to receive alerts on unexpected activity in their homes or turn on connected devices with motion detection. Consumers can also review these motion-triggered video clips easily on the Samsung SmartThings App to ensure that their homes are safely secured thanks to the extensive cloud storage, provided through the new SmartCam service.


 Local Pricing and Availability


SmartCam will be exclusively available at all Singtel Shops from 22 November 2018 at the following recommended retail price (RRP).