How do I Trade In from the Samsung Online Store?

Online Trade-in Steps
a. Add your desired device to your Cart and request to Trade In.
b. Fill in the details of your Trade In device brand, model and capacity.
c. Answer the diagnostic questionnaire based on the condition of the Trade In device to obtain the Trade In value.
d. Trade In value and Token value (if any) is deducted from the new device value.
e. Proceed with ‘Checkout’ and make payment.
f. Your order has been placed and your new device will be delivered to you shortly using our courier service.
g. Upon one (1) working day upon receiving new device, Customer Support shall contact you to verify your details and schedule for a pick-up for your Trade In device. You are required to handover your Trade In device within three (3) days upon receiving new device.
h. Final verification is carried out during device pick up. Should the courier staff find any major mismatch between the actual and declared condition of the device, the courier staff will not proceed in the collection of the old device. You will be charged back with the Trade In value and Token value (if any). Major mismatch includes:
i. Mismatch of device IMEI/Serial Number from declaration upon collection
ii. Mismatch of device model from declaration upon collection
iii. Device Account (Apple,Google) /ID lock/Passcode lock could not be removed or logged out.
i. Otherwise, the courier staff will pick up the old device and issue the trade-in receipt.

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