How to fix Microphone problems on Samsung Windows 8 PC?

Last Update date : Jul 13. 2022

Checking Your Windows 8 Sound Driver

1 Control Panel > Hardware and sounds > Device Manager
2 Make sure the Device Manager has Sound, video and game controllers
3 Check if there's a yellow or red exclamation point next to a driver

Checking the Mute Microphone

1 Control Panel > Hardware and sounds > Sound > Recording > Click the Levels tab
2 If the microphone is set to mute, uncheck the Mute checkbox

Changing Internal and External Audio Recording

1 Control Panel > Hardware and sounds > Sound > Click Recording tab
2 Right-click empty space on the Recording tab and click Show Disabled Devices
3 Right click on your desired default device between Microphone and Stereo Mix, and then click Enable

- Microphone: Choose to record internal audio sources
- Stereo Mix: Choose to record external audio sources

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