How to split Hard Disk on Samsung Windows 8 PC?

Last Update date : Nov 19. 2020

Partition and Disk Management

• Partition is a unit of a computer's hard disk split into virtual areas

• It is easy to manage data of hard disks with multiple partitions. Also, multiple OSs can be installed in such hard disks

1 Click the Windows key and the X key simultaneously or right-click the left side of the Taskbar to open the Device Manager menu
To open Device Manager menu
2 In the Management options, choose Disk Management
Choose Disk Management

Assign partitions using the Disk Management

1 Right-click the drive to split and reduce the volume
To split and reduce the volume of the drive
2 Right-click on the unpartitioned portion to create a new simple volume
To create new simple volume
3 Change Volume Label, Allocation Unit Size and File System using the New Simple Volume Wizard
Items to change using the New Simple Volume Wizard

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