Do you get issues on wireless mouse & keyboard connection?

Last Update date : Jul 13. 2022

If you cannot connect the wireless mouse and keyboard to your monitor, follow these steps:

• To maximize the transmission/reception, attach the transmitter (dongle) to the closest USB port (on either side of the notebook PC) to the Central Station monitor

• To maximize the wireless communication performance, ensure your PC is within a range of 27.6 inch from the Central Station monitor. Ensure the PC and monitor are placed on the same table or at the same height. Otherwise, the signal transmission/reception can be degraded 

• To use the Wireless USB function, the wireless-connection dongle provided (as a component) should be connected to the USB port on the PC. The wireless-connection dongle allows a wireless connection between the product and a PC. The dongle connected to a PC should point at the product to maximize signal reception

Wireless communication can be affected by the surrounding environmental conditions. Do not place an object, or obstacle, between the monitor and PC. The object can affect the sensitivity of the signal transmission/reception. Ensure that you have installed the Central Station monitor at the same height as the transmitter (dongle) on the PC.

If problem persists, contact our Samsung Contact Centre for further assistance.

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