Does pouring more detergent lead to cleaner laundry?

Last Update date : Jul 13. 2022
Does pouring more detergent lead to cleaner laundry? (Auto Dispenser Models)

Being a smart Washing Machine, the Auto Dispense function will automatically pour the proper amount of detergent depending on the weight of the laundry and the cycle being used.

There isn't a need for manual measuring for every wash and detergent can be replenished into the detergent drawer once a month.

It's a bad concept to think that more detergent leads to cleaner clothing. In fact, overdosing with too many detergent will cause the following problem:

• Residue on fabrics. Although it can be washed out easily but it will take up your time to clean manually instead of letting the Washing Machine does the job for you

• Produce excessive foam which stop the Washing Machine from pumping out the water properly 

• Excess detergent build up in the Washing Machine can cause molding which leads to bad odors in the machine and clothing


• Increase your expenses as detergent runs out faster

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