How to Clean the Filters of the Jet Bot AI+ and Clean Station

Last Update date : Nov 19. 2021

Clean your home more efficiently with 3D & LiDAR sensors and the AI Object Recognition technology of the Jet Bot AI+. All of the Jet Bot AI+ filters are washable. Moreover, the Clean Station is able to empty the Dustbin automatically, which is a convenient, no-touch and more hygienic way to empty your Dustbin.

Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum

The Jet Bot AI+ and the Clean Station are a perfect pair. After cleaning, the Jet Bot AI+ automatically returns to the Clean Station.

The Jet Bot AI+ comes with an advanced 5 Layered filtration system that traps 99.99% of micro dust (including 0.5~4.2µm sized particles).

  • Metal mesh filter
  • Jet cyclone
  • Washable sponge filter
  • Washable micro filter
  • Fine dust filter

All parts and filters of the Jet Bot AI+ are washable, so they can be kept hygienic.

First, start by detaching the filters in the Jet Bot AI+.

Detach filters

  • First, press the power switch to turn the Jet Bot AI+ device off.
  • Slide up and detach the Upper cover.
  • Take hold of the Dustbin handle and lift it out of the machine.
  • Unlock the transparent clip at the side to open the upper cover of the Dustbin.
  • Remove the Pre-motor filter from the Dustbin.
  • Unlock the transparent clip at the bottom to open the lower cover of the Dustbin.
  • Next, detach the Fine dust filter.
  • Slightly press the grooves on both sides of the Fine dust filter and lift it out.
  • Now, all of the filters are detached.

Remove dust from the filters

  • Remove dust from the Dustbin filters. If needed, use a soft brush to remove debris from the filters.
  • Rinse the filters under running water. All parts and filters of the Jet Bot AI+ are washable.
  • Place the filters in a well-ventilated shaded area until completely dry. Keep the filters away from direct sunlight.

First, you have to detach two things from the Clean Station.

  • Dust bag
  • Fine dust filter

Filter replacement

  • Press the button on top to open the upper lid. 
  • Gently pull the blue latch inside and slowly pull the Dust bag up. Throw the used Dust bag into the trash can. 
  • Unfold a new Dust bag. Gently place the new Dust bag inside.
  • Push the blue latch back to secure the new bag. Now, Dust bag replacement is complete. 

Clean the filters

Next, pull the sides to remove the back cover.

  • Gently pull out the Fine dust filter. Remove any dust on the Fine dust filter. 
  • The Fine dust filter is not washable. Do not use water to clean the Fine dust filter.
  • To maintain the best performance of the Fine dust filter, replace the filter at least once a year. Reinstall the Fine dust filter.
  • Insert the back cover in place once again.


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