How to level the unit if washing machine is unbalanced

Last Update date : Jul 14. 2022

Please note: 

Make sure the shipping bolts are removed before leveling the Washing Machine

• The shorter the leg, the lesser is the vibration. Please try to minimize the leg length to level the unit. We recommend the length should be shorter than 20mm. Please check Jamb Nut’s tightness

Installation Warranty:

Installation and the issues associated with installation are not covered under manufacturer’s warranty.
Please contact your installer. If you installed it yourself or you would like to have a professional installer install the product, please contact your retailer.

Why is it important to level the Washing Machine

• Leveling the washing machine is critical for proper operation

• A tilted Washing Machine can cause many problems including vibrations, noise and detergent drawer residue

Please note: 

 • It is normal for the Washing Machine to have some vibration between 150 and 350 RPMs. It occurs when the VRT technology attempts to dynamically balance the load   
• If the Washing Machine is not properly leveled, the VRT technology senses a severe load imbalance, and stops the spin cycle. Then, it rotates back and forth a few times to try to reposition the load   
• The Washing Machine will attempt to balance the load 3 times. The wash time is extended  due to performing of additional steps to reposition the load

How to level the Washing Machine

The easiest way to begin the leveling process is as follows: 

• Loose the jam nuts 
• Screw the washer legs all the way up in the washing machine chassis

How to check if the Washing Machine is properly leveled

• Slide the Washing Machine into position 
• Try rocking the Washing Machine back and forth, and left to right. If the Washing Machine rocks, unscrew the appropriate leg until the leg makes contact with the floor

How to level the unit if the washing machine is unbalanced

• Place a torpedo level on the top of the Washing Machine. It does not matter whether you rock the product back to forth first, or left to right first. 


• Level the Washing Machine by turning the leveling legs in or out as necessary. When it is leveled, tighten the jamb nuts

How to level the unit if the washing machine is unbalanced
How to install the Washing Machine on a carpet or soft floors

• If the Washing Machine is installed on a carpet or other soft floors, place rubber cups under the adjustable leg 
• Before placing the rubber cups, remove the double-sided tapes from the film 
• If the Washing Machine is on the pedestal, the rubber cup should be placed underneath the pedestal's legs

How to level your Washing Machine by using a pedestal

• If a pedestal is used, place the pedestal in the location where the Washing Machine will be installed 
• Level the pedestal by using the same procedure as that of the Washing Machine/Dryer 
• Attach the pedestal to the Washing Machine, and move the pedestal/washer assembly to the desired location 
• Once the Washing Machine and pedestal are in the desired location, re-check the leveling 
• If necessary, re-level the pedestal/washer assembly in its desired location


Note the position of the air bubble on the level. A properly leveled surface looks like this:

How to level the unit if the washing machine is unbalanced
How to level the unit if the washing machine is unbalanced

Once the Washing Machine is leveled on all sides, place a few pieces of clothing into the Washing Machine and run a spin only cycle to check for excessive vibrations.

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