How to use the Water Dispenser for Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator (RH57/RH60 Model)?

Last Update Date : Jul 16. 2018

Push the appropriate ice type button to select what you want dispensed.

1. Using the ice lever

Push the Ice lever dispenser gently with your glass. Ice will be released from the dispenser.

You can choose the type of ice by pushing the cubed or crushed button first.

2. Using the Water lever

Push the Water lever dispenser gently with your glass. Water will be released from the dispenser.

Please note:

• Even if you push the water and Ice lever at about the same time, the dispenser operates only the option you actually selected or pushed first

• Please wait 1 second before removing the cup after dispensing water to prevent spills. Do not pull out the lever dispenser after dispensing ice or water. It comes back automatically

3. Using the Ice & Water Dispenser together

To get Ice and water, push the Ice lever first for ice, then move your glass down and press the water dispenser lever for water.

Please note:

• Please wait 2 seconds before removing the glass under the dispenser to prevent spills

• If the Refrigerator door opens, the Dispenser does not work

• Do not pull the lever out. You could damage or break the lever’s spring

• To clean the ice bin/bucket, wash with a mild detergent, rinse well, and dry thoroughly it .Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners or solvents

• In case ice doesn’t come out, pull out the ice bucket and press the test button located on the right side of ice maker

•Do not press the test button continuously when the tray is filled with ice or water. Water may overflow or ice may jam the bucket

4. Using the ice Dispenser

Press the Ice button to select the type of ice you want.

Place your cup under the ice outlet, and then push gently against the dispenser pad.

Make sure the glass is in line with the dispenser to prevent the ice from bouncing out. If you select Cubed Ice after using the Crushed Ice feature, a small amount of residual crushed ice might be produced.

Please note:

• If ice does not dispense, pull out the icemaker cover and press test button located on the ice maker

• Do not press the test button continuously when the tray is filled with ice or water. Water may overflow or the ice may jam the ice maker or dispenser

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