How To test the Ice Maker in Samsung Side By Side Refrigerator?

Last Update Date : May 03. 2018

There are two different styles of Ice Makers in Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator: Flex Tray and Heated Tray

Please note:
• Do not reset the ice maker more than once in a 24hr period. Doing so will result in overfilling the Ice Tray, causing water to pour directly into the Ice Bucket and freeze. Once the Ice Bucket is frozen and no longer able to dispense ice, the Ice Market will stop functioning and servicing is required.

Type 1: Flex Tray

Type 1: Flex TrayClick to Expand
1 Open the freezer door
How To test The Ice Maker In Samsung Side By Side Refrigerators
2 Lift up the front of the ice bucket and pull it towards you
How To test The Ice Maker In Samsung Side By Side Refrigerators
3 Once the ice bucket is removed, locate the test switch beneath the front of the ice maker
How To test The Ice Maker In Samsung Side By Side Refrigerators

There are three different styles of test switches used in Samsung Flex Tray Ice Makers:

• Raised, square-shaped, white plastic button
• Raised, round-shaped, black plastic button
• Flush, rectangular, black rubber button

4 Press and hold the test switch for 3 full seconds or until you hear the ice maker engage. The ice maker will then dump any ice that is in the tray into the area the ice bucket sits. Once the tray has dumped the ice, it will refill with water.

Type 2: Heated Tray

Type 2: Heated TrayClick to Expand
1 Open the freezer door. Grasp the release latches on both sides of the Ice Bucket, squeeze simultaneously and life the bucket up and out
Remove Ice Bucket for Heated Tray
2 The test switch is located on the left, near the top of the Ice Maker, next to the sensor arm joint.

For 2010 model or later, a chime will be heard once the test begins. Release the test switch when the sound is heard.

For older model earlier than 2010, press and hold the test switch for 10 full seconds
Test switch for Heated Tray

Please note:
• After testing, remember to remove the ice that was dumped from the ice maker during the test, re-insert the ice bucket back into place and then close the door.

• Always verify that the ice bucket is seated properly. Verify the gear coupler on the rear wall of the freezer and on the back of the ice bucket fit together. If these couplers are not joined properly, ice will not be dispensed. 

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