Water is leaking from detergent box in the washer

Last Update date : Jul 15. 2022

Water leaks at detergent drawer during washing or rinsing cycle can be due to following factors:

• High water pressure
• Foreign materials in detergent drawer
• Non-High Efficiency (HE) detergent - (Non Low Suds Detergent)
• Hose drawer tub blocked

The Water Pressure

If the water pressure is too high, water can leak at the detergent drawer

Detergent Drawer and Housing Drawer

• Clean the drawer periodically to prevent foreign materials from obstructing the flow of water

• Check if Rinse Hose is blocked

• Check if the water supply direction of Housing Drawer is divided into the left and right

Checkpoint for Detergent and Housing Drawer

The Detergent

• Using non-HE detergent may accumulate too many suds and cause water leakage due to the pressure of the suds

• Check if lump of powered detergent is used

Suds accumulation due to usage of Non HE Detergent

Hose Drawer Tub

• Check if hose drawer tub is kinked

• Check for foreign material inside hose drawer tub

Checkpoint for Hose Drawer Tub

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