What to do if water is leaking from the Samsung Front Loader Washer?

Last Update Date : Nov 01. 2018

Please note that this article is designed to give you basic product troubleshooting for all types of Washing Machines. Refer to your user manual for more information.

If you need additional information specifically for Front Loader, click here.

Things to check when in a scenario that water is leaking from your Samsung Washing Machine:

1 Check the door and remove any obstructions which may hinder it from closing properly. The door may not be closed properly or laundry may be caught in the door.
2 Check for any kinks/damages to the hoses and tighten any loose connections. Improperly installed connections, and damage to the hoses (such as the hose from the tap) may cause leakage.
3 Check if the drain hose is positioned properly and water supply connection is tightened. A drain hose in the wrong position or loose connection may also cause leakage.

Three ways to position the drain hose:

• Over the edge of a washing basin: the drain hose must be placed at a height of between 60 - 90 cm. To keep the drain hose spout bent, use the supplied plastic hose guide. Secure the guide to the wall with a hook or to the tap with a piece of string to prevent the drain hose from moving

• In a sink drain pipe branch: the drain pipe branch must be above the sink siphon so that the end of the hose is at least 60cm above the ground

• In a drain pipe: a 65cm high vertical pipe is recommended. It must not be shorter than 60cm and longer than 90cm. The standpipe drain requires:
  - minimum diameter 5cm
  - minimum carry-away capacity 60 liter per minute

What to do if water is leaking from the Samsung Washing Machine
4 Check whether the filter cap is closed properly and the Debris Filter is free of clogs. Leakage may also result from an improperly closed debris filter cap or from a clogged debris filter
5 Ensure that the Washing Machine is not overloaded. Overloading the washing may also cause leakage. Make sure that the capacity of the Washing Machine is being observed.
6 Confirm that the Washing Machine is installed on Stable and Level Ground. Leaks can also occur if the Washing Machine is installed on unstable/non-level ground.
7 Slowly open the tap and check if the pressure is too high. Leaks can also occur if the pressure from the water tap is too high.
8 Confirm that the Detergent Drawer is properly closed. Leaks can also occur if the detergent drawer is not properly closed.

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