What if drying process takes too long in Samsung Dryer

Last Update date : Jul 15. 2022

If your drying time is taking too long, please check the following:

• Check the lint screen. A clogged lint screen will restrict exhaust airflow which will cause the Dryer to operate inefficiently

Check the lint screen

• Check the exhaust vent for restrictions, bends, or kinks

• If the Dryer is newly installed, the vent may be clogged. Samsung Dryers have a powerful exhaust blower motor.

Residual lint in the vent pipe may become dislodged or collected in another area of the vent system, usually at elbows, bends, or the outside vent area. For such incident, you will need to replace your vent system with a new rigid vent system for proper operation of your Dryer. This is the most common cause of excessive drying times

• Do not install the Dryer in an area that the ambient temperature drops below freezing. Installing the Dryer in an area that drops below 32° will cause the Dryer to operate inefficiently

• Check to see if the Washing Machine spin cycle is working properly. If the clothes out of the Washing Machine are dripping wet, there is a problem with the appliance

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