How to use the Water Dispenser for fridge RH62/RS58/RS62?

Last Update date : Jul 14. 2022

Please note: This article is applicable for Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator (RH62) and Samsung Twin Cooling Plus Refrigerator (RS58 and RS62) models

With the water dispenser, you can dispense water without opening the fridge door.

Basically, the water dispenser offers 3 options: chilled water, cubed ice, and crushed ice. If you do not want to dispense ice, press Ice Maker Off.

Type of Ice dispensed from the Water Dispenser

With the Ice Maker enabled:

1 Press to select the ice type
2 Put a water glass on the dispenser lever and push it. Ice will be dispensed from the dispenser
Place the glass below the Water Dispenser
3 Press to select the water
4 Then, put the glass on the dispenser lever and push it. Water will be dispensed from the dispenser

Please note:

• To prevent spills, wait 2 seconds before removing the glass after dispensing
• The dispenser will stop dispensing if you keep pushing the dispenser lever for about 1 minute. To dispense more water, release and push the lever again
• Make sure the glass is in line with the dispenser to prevent the dispensed water from spilling out
• If you do not use the water dispenser for 2-3 days, the dispensed water may have an abnormal smell or taste. Discard the first 1-2 glasses of water

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