Maintenance Guide for Samsung HotBlast Microwave Oven

Last Update date : Jul 14. 2022

Clean the oven regularly to prevent impurities from building up on or inside the oven. Also pay special attention to the door, door sealing, and turntable and roller ring (applicable models only).

If the door won’t open or close smoothly, first check if the door seals have built up impurities. Use a soft cloth in soapy water to clean both the inner and outer sides of the oven. Rinse and dry well.

To remove stubborn impurities with bad smells from inside the oven

1 With an empty oven, put a cup of diluted lemon juice on the centre of theturntable
2 Heat the oven for 10 minutes at max power
3 When the cycle is complete, wait until the oven cools down. Then, open thedoor and clean the cooking chamber

To clean inside swing-heater models

To clean the upper area of the cooking chamber, lower the top heating element by 45 ° (A) as shown. This will help clean the upper area. When done, reposition the top heating element.

To clean inside swing-heater models

Please note:

• Keep the door and door sealing clean and ensure the door opens and closes smoothly. Otherwise, the oven’s lifecycle may be shortened
• Take caution not to spill water into the oven vents
• Do not use any abrasive or chemical substances for cleaning
• After each use of the oven, use a mild detergent to clean the cooking chamberafter waiting for the oven to cool down

This oven does not have any removable parts inside. Do not try to replace or repair the oven yourself. Contact our Call Centre if you need technical assistance for the problem:

• If you encounter a problem with hinges, sealing, and/or the door
• If you want to replace the light bulb
• If you encounter a problem with the outer housing of the oven

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