How to install docking station in Samsung POWERbot Robot?

Last Update date : Jul 14. 2022

The charging dock is important to ensure that POWERbot stays charged and ready to go. The charging dock should be installed on the floor against a wall so POWERbot can dock and charge automatically.

Please note: 
• The docking station must be plugged in and turned on at all times.
• This article is applicable for the following models: VR7000 POWERbot with Cyclone Force, 10W, VR7000 POWERbot with Cyclone Force, 20W, Special Edition Stormtrooper™ POWERbot and Special Edition Darth Vader™ POWERbot

1 Connect thebattery chargerjack to thedocking station
Connect the battery charger jack to the docking station

Connect the battery charger jack to the docking station

2 Connect thepower cordto the batterycharger

Connect the power cord to the batterycharger

Please note: When using the battery charger, the side with the sticker attached must facedown.

3 Connect thepower plug tothe outlet
Connect the power plug to the outlet

Connect the power plug to the outlet

Please note: 
• Install the docking station in a place where the floor and wall are level
• It is best to install the docking station along the grain of wooden floors

• If the emergency switch is off, the POWERbot will not charge even if it is docked on the docking station

• Always turn on the power of the docking station
   > If power is not supplied to the docking station, the POWERbot cannot find it and cannot automatically recharge
   > If the POWERbot is left detached from the docking station, the battery will drain naturally

• If the POWERbot is in sleep mode, power will not come on even if the emergency switch is turned off and then on. Press and hold the [Start/Stop] button on the POWERbot to turn the sleep mode off

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