How to clean and maintain Samsung POWERbot Robot?

Last Update date : Nov 20. 2020

Maximize your Samsung POWERbot Robot's cleaning power by maintaining the device regularly with the following maintenance tips:

Please note: Emergency switch must be turned on before cleaning POWERbot.

Cleaning the dustbin
1 Press the button to remove the dustbin
Remove the dustbin
2 Remove the dustbin cover
Remove the dustbin cover
3 Remove dust in the dustbin and cyclone unit
Remove dust
4 Detach the cycloneunit from the dustbincover, and then washthe dustbin and thefilter
Wash the dustbin and filter
5 Reassemble thedustbin
Reassemble the dustbin
6 Reinsert the dustbininto the main bodyuntil it clicks
Reinsert the dustbin into the main body
Cleaning the sensors and the camera

Clean the sensors and the camera by wiping gently with soft cloth. Do not use water or cleaning solutions

Cleaning the sensors and the camera
Cleaning the brush and Auto shutter tool

Please note: Brush design may differ depending on the model.

1 Remove the brushcover
Remove the brush cover
2 Remove the brush
Remove the brush
3 Clean the brush
Clean the brush
4 Clean the autoshutter tool
Clean the auto shutter tool
5 Reassemble thebrush
Reassemble the brush
6 Reassemble thebrush cover
Reassemble the brush cover
Cleaning the Driving wheel
1 Remove the dustbin
2 Put a soft cloth on the floor and placePOWERbot upside-down on the cloth
Place POWERbot upside-down on the cloth
3 Turn off the emergency switch
4 Use a blunt rod or tweezers to removeforeign matter
Remove foreign matter using blunt rod or tweezers

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