Common Questions about your Galaxy Z Flip

Last Update date : Oct 20. 2020
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There is a Crease at the center of the main sceen of Galaxy Z Flip when unfolded. Is that a defect?

The crease is not a defect. 


Galaxy Z Flip uses ultra thin glass as its main screen and stacked think film materials in order to allow a flexible display that can be repeatedly folded.


With that in mind, the crease is a characteristic of the device designed with a flexible display - it does not affect the display quality, life or performance

What to do if i see scratches, compression marks, dents or cracks on display screen while using Galaxy Z Flip?

Please visit our Authorized Samsung Service Centre and check whether you are eligible for Warranty. On a case-to-case basis, service may or may not be covered under warranty and additional charges may incur.


Do be careful not to place pressure on the device with a hard of sharp object, and excessive force or pressure using a tool would result in scratches and damage.


Addtionally, the screen protector reduces the external impact on the main display that could be otherwise degraded by scratch or damage. Therefore, it is recommended to have your Galaxy Z Flip with protector attached.  

Are there any precautions i can take for the Screen Display?
No pressure

1 Do not press the screen with a hard or sharp object such as pen or fingernails or place pressure on the device



Galaxy Z No card

2 While folding the device, make sure they are no objects such as cards, coin or keys on the main screen. This could result in damage or





3  Avoid unfolding the device with your fingers in between


4 Do not attach adhesives such as film and stickers to the main screen


5 The device is not water or dust resistant, do not allow liquid or small particles to enter the device


6 Do not fold the device backwards away from its intended design, the device will be damaged 

Take note not to store the device unfolded as there is a chance that a foreign object could scratch or puncture the screen  

It seems like there's magnets in Galaxy Z Flip, is the magnet safe?

The magnets are what hold the two sides securely and harmless to most users but sensitive to medical and magnetic device such as pacemaker or inplantable cardioverter defibrillators. If you are using any of these devices, it is recommended to place your device away from magnetic fields.


Magnetic objects such as Creditcards, Passbooks, Access cards or boarding passes may be damaged by the magnets in the device.  

When folding the Galaxy Z Flip, a slight space is shown between the main screens and both screens not entirely closed. Is this a product defect?

This would not be a device defect. In order to fold center of the main screens as tight as possible, the flip has minimized the space between the displays for various use environments.  

Is the Galaxy Z Flip waterproof?

Similar to Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Z Flip is not water resistant  

The hinge of the Galaxy Z Flip seems to be loose or stiff

If it feels too loose or stiff, do visit the Authorized Samsung Service Centres to check if your device is experiencing a issue of defect 

It seems like there are foreign particles entering the Galaxy Z Flip's hinge hence causing it to be stiff, is the device defect?

If your device feels stiff and the hinge do not function properly please visit the Authorised Samsung Service Centre and check if your device is encountering any issues  

My Galaxy Z Flip is purple, however it looks different from others. Is my device defective?

The color of your cover may vary according to the exterior of your Galaxy Z Flip as the light trasmittance is different for each exterior glass color. It is not a hardware defect and would not affect performance or feature of your phone. 

There is a slight vibration while folding the device, is the device faulty?

The device isn't faulty. There would be a slight vibration while opening and closing the Z flip as force generated is transmitted to the vibrating motor located near the top of the product.

The vibration will not affect the performance, feature or hardware of the product.  

There is tiny electricity felt flowing while charging the device, is this a defect?

Depending on the grounding condition of your power supply, if the grounding is not good current may be felt on the metal material of your Smartphone. It is not a hardware defect, and will not affect performance or feature  

How do i force restart device?

If your device is frozen and unresponsive, press and hold the side key and volume down key simultaneously for more than 7 seconds to start it  

If this do not help with enquiry, do contact us on Live Chat or 1800-7267864 ( Samsung )  

Thank you for your feedback!

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