Discover Night Shot mode with Samsung Note 10

Last Update date : Jul 15. 2022

The difficulty about smartphone photography is how when the surrounding light is dim and not well-lit for your picture to show in its details. With S10 Super Night Shot Mode, your night time photography is well aided with rear cameras armed with AI Camera software to curb the low light.


The Galaxy S10 series Camera app has a built-in optimiser that will help you enhance up to 30 different type of photos. The Super Night Mode is a feature that you get inside the Night scene mode that is able to capture the data of 17 shots into one. It is alike to the concept of how a DSLR would like to achieve a HDR photo with multiple photos combined.

Normal Night Mode

1 Open the Camera App

2 Tap the Scene Optimiser to enable the function ( icon turns blue when enabled )  


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