How to create folders for applications in Samsung phone?

Last Update date : Jul 22. 2022

To create application folders, follow these steps:

1 On the Home screen or the Apps screen, tap and hold an App, and then drag it over another App
2 Drop the App when a folder frame appears around the Apps

• A new folder containing the selected Apps will be created. Tap Enter folder name and enter a folder name

3 To add more apps, tap ADD APPS on the folder. Tick the Apps to add and tap ADD. You can also add an App by dragging it to the folder

 • Moving Apps from a folder : Tap and hold an App and drag it to a new location

 • Deleting a folder : Tap and hold a folder, and then tap Delete. Only the folder will be deleted. The folder’s Apps will be relocated to the Apps screen

Tap and hold an app and drag it over another app
Add apps in the folder

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