How to create or manage contacts on Galaxy Tab S4?

Last Update date : Jul 26. 2022

To create new or manage contacts on your Galaxy Tab S4, follow these steps:

Adding contacts

Creating a new contact

1 Launch the Contacts App, tap +, and then select a storage location
Select a storage location
2 Enter contact information

Please note:
• Depending on the selected storage location, the types of information you can save may vary

Enter Contact Information
3 Tap SAVE

Importing contacts

Add contacts by importing them from other storages to your device.

1 Launch the Contacts App and tap More option (3 vertical dots) > Manage contacts > Import/Export contacts > IMPORT
Manage Contacts
Select Import/Export
Select Import
2 Select a storage location to import contacts from
3 Tick VCF files or contacts to import and tap DONE
4 Select a storage location to save contacts to and tap IMPORT

Synching contacts with your web accounts

Sync your device contacts with online contacts saved in your web accounts, such as your Samsung account.

1 Launch the Settings App, tap Cloud and accounts > Accounts and select the account to sync with
Tap Cloud and accounts
Tap Accounts
Select Account to sync
2 Tap Sync account and tap the Sync Contacts switch to activate it

For the Samsung account, tap More options (3 vertical dots) > Sync settings and tap the Contacts switch to activate it
Tap the Contacts switch to activate it
Searching for contacts

Launch the Contacts App.

Use one of the following search methods:
• Scroll up or down the contacts list
• Drag a finger along the index at the left side of the contacts list to scroll through it quickly
• Tap the search field at the top of the contacts list and enter search criteria

Tap the contact. Then take one of the following actions:
• Favourite (Star icon): Add to favourite contacts
• Phone / Video icon : Make a voice or video call
• Compose (Dialog icon): Compose a message
• Email (Mail icon): Compose an email

Sharing contacts

You can share contacts with others by using various sharing options.

1 Launch the Contacts App and tap More options (3 vertical dots) > Share
Tap Share
2 Select contacts and tap SHARE
Select Contact and Share
3 Select a sharing method
Select a sharing method
Saving and sharing profile

Save and share your profile information, such as your photo and status message, with others using the profile sharing feature.

Please note:
• The profile sharing feature may not be available depending on the region or service provider
• The profile sharing feature is only available for contacts who have activated the profile sharing feature on their device

1 Launch the Contacts App and select your profile
2 Tap EDIT, edit your profile, and tap SAVE
Edit Profile
Tap Save
3 Tap More options > Profile sharing, and then tap the switch to activate it

Please note:
• To use the profile sharing feature, your phone number must be verified. You can view your contacts’ updated profile information in Contacts
• To change the scope of contacts to share your profile with, tap Share with, select an item to share, and then select an option

Merging duplicate contacts

When you import contacts from other storages, or sync contacts with other accounts, your contacts list may include duplicate contacts. Merge duplicate contacts into one to streamline your contacts list.

1 Launch the Contacts app and tap More options (3 vertical dots icon) > Manage contacts > Merge contacts
Manage Contacts
Merge Contacts
2 Tick contacts and tap MERGE
Select Contacts to merge
Deleting contacts
1 Launch the Contacts App and tap More option (3 vertical dots icon) > Delete
Tap Delete
2 Select contacts and tap DELETE
Delete Contact

To delete contacts one by one, open the contacts list and tap a contact. Then tap More option (3 vertical dots) > Delete.

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