How to reboot Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi?

Last Update date : Nov 20. 2020

There are three ways to reboot the Hub: through Samsung SmartThings, through the IDE, and by unplugging the power cord.

Please note: User must log in to Samsung Account in order to access IDE

• To reboot the Wi-Fi Hub and SmartThings HubCore through Samsung SmartThings, the Hub must be online

1 On the home screen, tap Smartthings Hub
2 Tap the Wi-Fi Hub image
Tap Smartthings Hub Image
4 Scroll down and tap Reboot device
Tab Reboot device
5 Tap Reboot
6 The LED will go dark, then blinking green, then solid green

• To reboot the SmartThings HubCore (not the Wi-Fi Hub network) through the IDE, the Hub must be online and the SmartThings Hub must be enabled

2 Click My Hubs
3 Click View Utilities
4 Under Hub Commands, click Reboot Hub
5 LED will remain solid green

• To hard reboot the Hub, unplug the power cord for 30 seconds. LED will go dark, blinking green, solid green  

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