How to set Bixby Voice Wake-up in Samsung Mobile Device?

Last Update date : Jul 28. 2022

You can say Hi Bixby at any time to start a conversation by setting voice wake-up. Register your voice to use voice wake-up. When you set a pattern, PIN, or password for the screen lock method, you must unlock the screen after waking up Bixby.

Please note: This article is applicable to Samsung Mobile Devices such as Galaxy S9/S9+ Note8 and S8/S8+ with Bixby Voice feature


1 Press the Bixby key to go to Bixby Home. In the Bixby Home, tap More menu
Tap more in Bixby Home
2 Tap Settings menu
Tap Settings in Bixby Home
3 Go to Voice wake-up and tap the switch to activate it
Tap Voice Wake Up and activate the feature
4 Tap Bixby Voice icon and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup. The Bixby conversation window will appear when you say Hi Bixby
Tap Bixby icon
Bixby Voice Wake-up is all set

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