How to set countdown timer for Samsung Mobile Device?

Last Update date : Jul 28. 2022

The Timer provides a countdown timer for up to 99 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds.

Please note: The navigation path may be different for older models. This article is using newer models such as S8/S8+, S9/S9+, Note8 and Note9 as an example

1 In Apps screen, tap Clock
2 Tap Timer
Tap Timer
3 Enter hours, minutes and seconds to count down
Enter Countdown Timing
4 Press START to begin the countdown
Press Start
5 Once the countdown has started, you have the following 3 options:
• PAUSE - to temporarily stop the countdown
• RESUME - to resume the countdown from where it has stopped
• CANCEL - to cancel the countdown completely
Press Pause or Cancel
6 Once the timer expires, press dismiss to cancel the alert
7 To create multiple timers, select More options (3 vertical dots) on the top right of the screen > Add preset timer
Add Preset Timer
8 Once done, you can select the + sign to add another preset timer
Add another Preset Timer

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