Transfer your data to new phone with Smart Switch & Cable

Last Update date : Jul 28. 2022
Transfer your data with Samsung Smart Switch with Wi-Fi transfer
1 Set your phones next to each other
2 Make sure Smart Switch is installed on both Phones
3 Launch Smart Switch on both phones
4 Tap "Send Data" on your old phone
5 Tap "Receive Data" on your new Galaxy
6 Tap "Wireless" on your old phone and on your new phone
7 Select the content you would like to be transferred and Tap 'Send'
Transfer using Type-C cable
1 Launch your Smart Switch
2 Tap "Send Data" (Old Phone)
3 Tap on Receive Data ( New Galaxy )
4 Tap 'Cable' on both phones
5 Connect the two phones
1 Select Data to be transferred and Tap on Transfer

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