How to wear Samsung Galaxy Watch Active?

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020

Open the buckle and place the band around your wrist. Fit the band to your wrist, insert the pin intoan adjustment hole, and then secure the buckle to close it.

DO NOT bend the band excessively. Doing so may damage the Galaxy Watch Active.

Band tips and precautions

• When you wear the Galaxy Watch Active for a long time or while doing high-intensity exercise, skin irritation may occur due to friction and pressure. Remove the Galaxy Watch Active from your wrist and stop wearing for several hours

• Skin irritation may occur due to an allergy, environment factors, other factors, or when your skin is exposed to soap or sweat for long periods. In this case, stop using your Galaxy Watch Active and wait 2 or 3 days for the symptoms to ease. If the symptoms persist or worsen, immediately visit your doctor

• Make sure your skin is dry before wearing your Galaxy Watch Active. If you wear a wet Galaxy Watch Active for a long time, your skin may be affected

• If you use your Galaxy Watch Active in the water, remove foreign materials from your skin and Galaxy Watch and dry them thoroughly to prevent skin irritation

• Do not use any accessories except the Galaxy Watch Active in the water

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