What are the new features on Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Last Update date : Nov 20. 2020
Samsung Galaxy Watch

Stay connected longer with your Galaxy Watch with features of a smartwatch and the natural feeling of an analog watch in a single package. Galaxy Watch links you to the world around you.

Find out more about the new features of Galaxy Watch.

Timeless Design

Premium in Form

The redesigned Galaxy Watch is made of premium materials. The vintage textured body, the smooth finish, and the variety of strap options give it a gorgeous classic look.

Wherever you go, wear your Galaxy Watch with pride.

Superior Durability

The Galaxy Watch offers military-grade durability - a series of tests designed by the US military prove it’s fit for the battlefield. Scratch-resistant and 5 Atmosphere (ATM) water-resistant, it’s perfect for water sports and outdoor adventures. Plus it goes with all sorts of attire, casual or formal. Get moving with the Galaxy Watch while keeping the style.

• Circular design & vintage textured body
• 5 Atmosphere (ATM) water resistance
• Scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass DX+
• Perfect for outdoor activities

Customizable Watch Faces

With the Galaxy Watch, you can choose from different watch faces and customize them however you like. Make your Galaxy Watch all yours.

• Realistic watch faces with a depth effect & enhanced AOD

• Ticking Sound option like an analog watch*

* This option is provided only for watch faces with hour and second hands. 

Bigger Watch, Bigger Battery

With the 46 mm model, you get a much more powerful battery (472mAh for the 46 mm model and 270mAh for the 42 mm model).

The upgraded chipset is highly power efficient, so the battery lasts a full day even if you enable GPS (for 46 mm model only).

When you’re wearing a Galaxy Watch, you won’t waste time worrying about where to charge it.

• Exynos 9110—up to 35% more efficient

• For 46 mm model, battery can lasts over 80 hours in Bluetooth mode (Up to 168 hours in Low Usage mode) or lasts up to 24 hours when GPS is turned on

Intelligent Time Keeper
Samsung Galaxy Watch Intelligent Time Keeper

A Day Planner with a Difference

The Galaxy Watch delivers Daily Briefings twice a day. When you wake up, preview the day’s schedule and get helpful information.

Before bed, get another Daily Briefing with a summary of how your day went and a weather forecast for the next day.

It’s easier to stay organized and keep track of your goals and your progress. Boost your productivity, one day at a time.

• Morning briefing: Date, weather, schedule, workout, reminders, battery
• Evening briefing: Overdue reminders, health stats, tomorrow’s weather, battery

Sleep in Peace

Goodnight mode lets you sleep undisturbed - no display lights, no ringing phone, no sound at all until it’s time to wake up. Then your Galaxy Watch returns to its previous state. Or you can use Theater mode and enjoy a show undisturbed by lights or alarms.

With Do Not Disturb mode, you’ll see only the AOD and hear only your alarms. Sleep well. Shut out the world. It’s okay - your Galaxy Watch works for you. 

• Goodnight : Shut it all out, except for your morning alarm

• Theater : Keep darkened spaces dark, and stay off the grid until you press the Home key

• Do Not Disturb : Limit distractions while still using basic smartwatch functions like AOD and alarms

Personal Health Coach
Samsung Galaxy Watch Personal Health Coach

More Advanced Workout Tracking

The Galaxy Watch recognizes 39 kinds of indoor and outdoor exercise and tracks your progress in detail. Design a workout that suits you by combining activities such as swimming, and running. Then check vital stats like maximum speed, distance covered, calories burned,
and more. Be your best self, with a wearable personal coach to cheer you on.

• Choose from 39+ kinds of exercise when planning your workout

• Track back-to-back workouts

• Track exercise time, calories burned, heart rate, distance, speed, and pace

Slicing the Water Fearlessly

Water Lock mode prevents the force of the water from inadvertently activating any functions when you’re swimming.

When you select Swimming on Samsung Health, Water Lock mode will activate automatically. Dive in, do your best, and always swim past your limits. When the Water Lock mode is turned off , a sound will indicate that your Galaxy Watch is ejecting any water that got in.

A Tool for Greater Well-Being

The Galaxy Watch’s four photodiode sensors track your wellness more accurately than ever. Not only do they measure your heart rate more precisely, they’ve also gotten better at monitoring different phases of sleep. So you’ll know if you’re staying fit, managing stress effectively, and getting enough rest. 

The Galaxy Watch even tells you when you need to adjust your breathing. Put your mind at ease and focus on your well-being. The Galaxy Watch is here to support you.

Stay Fit with Your Galaxy Watch and Your Galaxy Phone

Connect your Galaxy Watch to your Galaxy phone to turn it into a powerful health and fitness monitoring tool.

When you’re exercising, your Galaxy Watch records your activity and saves your data in Samsung Health so you can keep track of your progress over time. Live life to the fullest with Samsung Health.

Please note: Connect your Galaxy Watch with any phone in the Galaxy S, Note, A, or J series

Freedom, No Matter Where You Are

The Galaxy Watch LTE models support an independent data connection, so you can enjoy a powerful standalone performance - no need to carry your phone.

The built-in speaker facilitates calls and voice messages. The GPS capabilities make it easy to check your physical location on a map.

Thanks to the altimeter, you can discover your altitude. The barometer ensures you’re prepared for any sudden weather changes. And support for various streaming services makes it possible to listen to music with just your watch.

If you forget your phone at home, don’t panic - the Galaxy Watchfrees you to go it alone.

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