What is Adaptive Wi-Fi and how to use it on Galaxy J2?

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022

What is Adaptive Wi-Fi?

With Smart Wi-Fi (Adaptive Wi-Fi), you can conserve data and greatly reduce charges. Whenever your Galaxy J2 detects a Wi-Fi network, it will automatically turns its Wi-Fi capabilities on. That means you don’t have to use your mobile data or go through the trouble of adjusting your Wi-Fi settings.

How to use Adaptive Wi-Fi?

To use Smart Wi-Fi (Adaptive Wi-Fi), follow these steps:

1 On the Apps screen, tap Settings
Tap Settings
2 Tap Connections and tap Wi-Fi
Tap Connections
Tap Wi-Fi
3 And then tap ADVANCED > Adaptive Wi-Fi switch to activate it
Tap Adaptive Wi-Fi

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