What is Air Command and how to activate in Galaxy Note8?

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022

What is Air Command?

With the Air command panel, you can quickly launch useful S Pen features and frequently used apps.

Please note: When the screen is off or locked with a screen lock method, removing the S Pen will not open the Air command panel

To open the air command panel, simply detech the S Pen from your Samsung Galaxy Note8 or hover the S Pen over the screen, follows by pressing the S Pen button.

• User can choose up to 10 items on newly revamped S Pen Air Command

1 Hover the S Pen over the screen
Hover the S Pen over the screen
2 Press the S Pen button

You can also tap the Air command icon with the S Pen
Press the S Pen button

Please note: By default the icon is located on the right side of your device

If the device is updated to the latest software version but the Air command is not activated, please check whether any menus in Accessibility have been activated.

Some features (i.e. Air view, Air command, Edge panels, Multi window) are not available while specific menus of Accessibility are being used.( i.e. Voice Assistant, Magnifier window, Magnification gestures etc).

User can choose up to 10 items on newly revamped S Pen Air Command.

S Pen Air Command comparison between Note5 and Note8

Live Message - Allows the user to create and share an animated handwriting GIF image that contains their own handwriting and self-made Emojis.

Using Live Message

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