What is Air command on Samsung Galaxy Note9?

Last Update date : Oct 09. 2020

What is Air command and how to use it?

With the Air command panel, you can quickly launch useful S Pen features and frequently used apps.

To open the Air command panel, detach the S Pen from the slot or hover the S Pen over the screen and press the S Pen button. You can also tap the Air command icon with the S Pen.

Drag upwards or downwards on the Air command panel and select a function or app you want.


• User can choose up to 10 items on newly revamped S Pen Air Command

How to use Smart select

Smart select lets you select, clip and collect whatever grabs your interest so you can easily share it right away or at a later time to your friends or via social media.

You can also select an area from a video and capture it as a GIF animation.


When there is content you want to capture, such as a part of an image:

1 Open the Air command panel and tap Smart select
Tap Smart Select
2 Select a desired shape icon on the toolbar and drag the S Pen across the content you want to select
Select a desired shape icon
3 Tap Auto select to automatically reshape the selected area.

If text is included in the selected area, tap Extract text to recognise and extract text from the selected area.

To pin the selected area at the top of the screen, tap Pin to screen. In case of Pin to screen, you can continuously see captured contents during use other apps.
Select Auto Select, Extract Text or Pin to Screen
How to use Scroll capture

Scroll Capture lets you capture entire web pages in just a few taps. Rather than sending multiple screenshots, Scroll Capture will capture it all hassle free in one handy file so that you can share it all in one go, saving you time and energy.


When there is content you want to capture entire web pages:

1 Open the Air command panel and tap Screen write. The current screen is automatically captured and the editing toolbar appears
Tap Screen Write
2 If you capture the content on an elongated page, such as a webpage, tap Scroll capture to capture the hidden content

Tap SCROLL CAPTURE repeatedly until screen capture is complete, and then tap DONE
Tap Scroll Capture
3 Once finished, you’ll be given the option to share and save for later use
How to use Live Message

Instead of a text message, you can create and send a unique message by recording your actions while handwriting or drawing a live message and saving it as an animated file.

1 When you want to send an animated message while composing a message, open the Air command panel and tap Live message.

Alternatively, tap on Live Message Icon (heart-shaped) > down arrow icon on the Samsung keyboard. The live message window will appear.
Tap Live Message
2 Customize pen settings and background image
Customise Pen and Background settings
3 Write or draw on the live message window
Write or draw on the screen
4 When you are finished, tap DONE and send the message
Tap Done

The live message will be saved in Gallery as an animated GIF file or a video and it will be attached to the current message.

You can also share live messages using other sharing methods.

• Select a live message in Gallery and tap More       

• On other screens rather than the message composition screen, open the Air command, tap Live message, create a live message, and then tap SHARE

How to translate words or sentences

Hover the S Pen over the text you want to translate. The units included in the text will also be converted.

Please note: 
• To use this feature, your device must be connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile network. This feature does not supported some languages

• This feature is available only when detectable text is on the screen

1 When there are text you want to translate, open the Air command panel and tap Translate
Tap Translate
2 Select the languages on the translator panel at the top of the screen. You can change the text between words and sentences by tapping the T icon or horizontal line icon
Select Language to translate
3 Hover the S Pen over the text you want to translate or the unit you want to convert

The translated text will appear above the original text. Tap the Speaker icon to listen to the pronunciation of the original text

Please note: The speaker icon may not appear depending on the language you select

Hover S Pen to the text for translation
4 To close the translator, tap X icon on the translator panel
What is PENUP and how to use it

PENUP is a social network service for sharing artwork drawn with the S Pen. Post your artwork, view others’ artwork, and get useful drawing tips.

You can sign in to PENUP with your Samsung account or other SNS accounts.

1 Open the Samsung folder, launch the PENUP app, and then tap Plus icon
Launch PENUP App
Tap Plus icon
2 To post artwork from Gallery, tap From Gallery, select your artwork to post, and then tap DONE
To post new artwork, tap Drawing, draw artwork, and then tap DONE > Save and post
To post your draft, tap Drafts, finish artwork, and then tap DONE > Save and post
Select From Gallery, Drafts or Drawing
3 Enter a title, description, and hashtag
Enter Hashtag, Title and Description
4 Tap POST
What is Colouring and how to use it

You can colors images provided by PENUP. Using the advanced S Pen and various colors, add your own colors to images.

When you are done, save the image to Gallery or post it to PENUP

1 Open the Samsung folder, launch the PENUP app, and then tap COLOURING
Select Colouring
2 Select an image, and then tap START COLOURING
Tap Start Colouring
3 When you are finished, tap DONE
Start to colour
4 Tap POST
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