What is Bixby Home and how to activate it?

Last Update date : Nov 19. 2020

What is Bixby Home?

It provides a page organized with various cards which are linked to native and 3rd party apps/services and it is enhanced by learning user's every day life and app/service usage pattern. (It used to provide only news page such as Flipboard / Upday).

Main features:

1 It provides fast and easy execution of app/feature/service by analyzing user activity
2 It displays activities from multiple social networks in a single card
3 It provides 3rd party services that you have been interested in (such as news headlines, interesting keywords)
4 It enables you to complete the certain tasks in the card (Calendar-Map, Call Uber, Nearby / Gallery app-Share, Convergence etc)

How to activate Bixby Home?

1 To open Bixby Home, press the Bixby key from the Home screen, the Lock screen, or even when the display is off.
What is Bixby Home and how to activate it?

Press the Bixby Key on the left of the device

2 From the Home screen, swipe to the right
What is Bixby Home and how to activate it?

Swift to the right to launch Bixby Home

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