What is Blue light filter and how to set it on Galaxy J?

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022

What is Blue light filter?

The blue light filter will decrease the amount of blue light displayed by the device’s screen.


Reduction of blue light will prevent suppression of melatonin production (sleep-inducing hormone), which in term help users sleep better.

Please Note:
Blue light has a wavelength of between 380nm and 495nm. With the short wavelength, it produces a higher amount of energy

• Studies suggest that over exposure to blue light spectrum could cause serious long-term damage to your eyes

• Exposure to blue light suppress the production of sleep hormone, melatonin, and can cause sleep disorders

• While you are watching HDR videos from HDR-exclusive video services, such as Amazon video, the blue light filter will not be applied

Blue light filter can be applied manually or automatically

• Manually : Setting > Display > Blue light filter > Adjust Opacity or Adjust Opacity in Notification panel

• Automatically : User schedule or automatic schedule (sunrise and sunset time of the location)

Blue Light Filter set to zero
Blue Light Filter set to 100%

How to set Blue light filter?

1 On the Apps Screen, tap Settings
Tap Settings
2 Tap Display
Tap Display
3 Tap Blue Light Filter
Tap Blue light filter
4 To activate, toggle the switch to move it from left to right. Drag the Opacity adjustment bar to adjust the filter opacity
Activate Blue light filter
Turn on Blue light filter as scheduled

You can set the schedule to apply the blue light filter to the screen


• Sunset to sunrise : Set the device to apply the blue light filter at night and turn it off in the morning, based on your location

• Custom schedule: Set a specific time to apply the blue light filter

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