What is Digital wellbeing feature on Samsung Smartphone?

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022

Digital Wellbeing is a feature from Android Pie that brings balance to users to be able to find balance between their digital and real worlds. The feature does this by helping you understand your usage and help manage your life if that's something you would need in a busy schedule. The analysis comes with data and insights on apps,notifications and number of engagement with your mobile. All of which is to help put into perspective for user to be aware and adjust their life accordingly to their preference.  

1 On your mobile phone, Tap on Settings > Digital Wellbeing

2 Tap Dashboard

3 Tap to select apps screen time,notification recieved and number of times the phone has been unlocked

4 Check Apps overview based on your preference of options provided  

You can activate Wind down mode to reduce eye strains before sleeping and prevent your sleep from being disturbed


  • Greyscale : Display colors on the screen as grey tones
  • Do not disturb: Set the device to mute incoming calls and notification sound, except for allowed exceptions 

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