What to do when there is weak connection for bluetooth and Wi-Fi for Galaxy Z Flip?

Last Update date : Oct 20. 2020
Wifi BT

Please note, if the device is covered with your hands while it is folded radio waves might be interfered 

Is the bluetooth and WiFi signal drop a defect?

If the device Wi-Fi or BT antenna is covered with your hands while folded, the radio waves might be interfered resulting in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signal drop. Thus, this will not be seen as product defect.


The Galaxy Z Flip is designed with a foldable concept, thus the location of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antenna might be disrupted when in contact or covered by hands.

It is recommended that you use the cover that comes with your phone to avoid direct contact with antenna area by hand.  

Will the signal drop by covered under the Warranty?

Given that the signal drop is not a manufacturing defect there will not be any warranty coverage pertaining to signal drops with user hands or objects block while Galaxy Z Flip is folded.

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