How to connect cable box to Samsung TV with sound output from Home Cinema System?

Last Update date : Nov 19. 2020

To connect your cable box and TV together with sound output from Home Cinema System, follow these steps:

1 Connect the Red, White, Yellow cable from the cable box to the TV AV
2 Use another Red and White cable from TV's Audio out to Home Theatre Aux in 2
3 On the Home Theatre remote control, press Aux button 2 times or until it shows Aux 2 on the display
Connecting Home Cinema System to TV

Connect AUDIO IN on the main unit to the AUDIO OUT of the TV or Source Device. Be sure to match the connector colours.

Connect the Digital Input on the main unit to the OPTICAL OUT of the TV or Source Device.

Please note:
• Ensure all connections between components are complete before connecting to the wall outlet
• Before moving or installation, be sure to turn off the power and disconnect the power cord
• If you select ANALOG without connecting the Audio Cable, the set is turned off automatically after 20 minutes
• If a TV or any device connected to Air Track with the optical cable is off and there is no digital input, the Air Track is turned off after 20 minutes. (If there has been no input signal for over 20 minutes from DIGITAL AUDIO IN 1 or 2, the Air Track will be turned off)

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