How to use gesture to control Samsung TV?

Last Update date : Nov 19. 2020

Forget the Remote Control and use your hands to control your Samsung TV. To use gesture control, follow these steps:

Please note: Gesture Control may not be available for some models. Check your user manual for more information

1 Confirm that the gesture controls are enabled in the TV and that the camera is set for your viewing area
2 Raise your hand and hold it up for about two seconds
3 Wave at the TV
Confirm that the gesture controls are enabled in the TV
4 If gesture controls have been activated, a pointer will appear on the TV and a gesture control command bar will appear at the bottom of the TV, displaying the available commands
Gesture control command bar and pointer appear on the TV screen
5 Use your hand to guide the pointer around the TV
6 With the pointer hovering over the object you would like to select, close your hand to select it
Hand Gesture

Please note: By holding your hand closed you can control the volume or channel commands on the TV (this is the same as holding down the volume or channel button).

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