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A wall mounted TV displaying several Smart TV apps to stream such as Amazon Prime video, Netflix and Youtube is being controlled with a Samsung One Master Remote Control.

Quickly get to your content

With the widespread use of Smart TVs, you can now enjoy a wide range of video content from general broadcasting, to movies, dramas, music, games, sports and even streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube. The high consumption of various content on TVs means that a remote control that helps you find content quickly and easily has become more important.
There are a few things that make up the ideal remote control. It should not be complicated by unnecessary buttons and should provide a concise design with intuitive navigation. It should provide voice recognition to quickly search for titles instead of having to type them out, and should have hot keys for frequently used apps so you can access them with a single press of a button. All this makes for a remote optimised for convenient use and quick searching.

A woman is saying "Open the YouTube app" to Samsung One Master Remote Control using voice control, and then a Smart TV mounted on the wall opens the YouTube app.
To demonstrate how the Samsung One Master Remote Control is convenient and quick for searching contents, a woman is saying "Open the YouTube app" into the Samsung Smart TV remote. A wall mounted Smart TV is then shown opening directly the YouTube app

One Master Remote Control

You may have had the experience of switching from remote to remote when using various devices connected to your TV. One of the ways to solve this inconvenience is buying a universal remote. However, you then face the hassle of setting it up which requires connecting it not just to the TV, but to each other device you want to add as well.

So wouldn't it be convenient if you could control multiple devices with just a single remote without the need for complex and unnecessary connections? Well, with Samsung One Master Remote Control, you can. It's able to control all compatible external devices that are connected by Auto Detection without any additional setup. Now you can put an end to trying to find the right remote every time by just using a single TV remote to quickly access all your connected external devices and content.

A Samsung One Master Remote Control centered in a lineup of various other remotes on arrowed lines pointing to it to demonstrate the one universal remote that can control all your connected devices.

Transform your mobile
into a remote control

The latest Smart TVs offer the convenience of operating them through the SmartThings apps that you can install on your compatible mobile device. So now when you're lying on the couch with your phone in hand, you don't have to get up to find the remote to turn on the TV, because with the SmartThings app you can easily change channels, adjust the volume and more all from your phone.

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* Compatible Operating System (OS) or app required.
* Subject to device compatibility. Design of One Master Remote Control may vary by region.
* Graphic User Interface (GUI), design, features and specifications are subject to change without notice.
A Smart TV shows a live concert scene with a TV sound volume display that can be controlled by SmartThings app.
A mobile phone with SmartThings app is increasing the volume of a wall mounted Samsung Smart TV that is displaying a live concert.

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