Samsung E-FOTA


Samsung E-FOTA

The service that allows businesses to remotely control OS version of Samsung devices to specific business needs

Samsung E-FOTA
Samsung E-FOTA
Samsung E-FOTA

About Samsung E-FOTA

Samsung's Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air system gives an enterprise control of update schedule and OS versions allowed on employee's devices. Admins can test updates before deployment, ensuring compatibilities between in-house apps and new OS.

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Benefits for your business

The ability to control the upgrading of OS enables customers to maintain a stable set of Corporate Liable devices for use in day-to-day business operations. This helps prevent disrupting business processes from OS incompatibilities after updating devices with latest OS.


Main Features

  • Selective Update

    Test OS and MR prior to releasing to user

  • Forced Update

    Manage single version of OS within the enterprise

  • Time Control

    Set download time to avoid interrupting business

Update Coverage

  • Major OS Upgrade

    Upgrade to major Android OS for performance, new features, extra speed, improved functionality

  • Security Patch

    Update OS to patch a system vulnerability

  • Bug fix

    Update OS to address a programming bug / glitch

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