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Samsung Flow Frequently Asked Questions

Samsung Flow Frequently Asked Questions

Samsung Flow lets you start a task on one device and finish it on another. It's an easy way to connect all your devices together seamlessly. If you have questions about the Samsung Flow app, we won't leave you hanging. Read on see some of your frequently asked questions answered.

General Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download and install Samsung Flow on my Windows PC or tablet?

    Windows 10 users can find the Samsung Flow app in the Windows App Store. You can find the setup guide on the Samsung Flow webpage.

    Note: If you have not updated the Samsung Flow app to the latest version, please navigate to Windows Store > Menu > Downloads and Updates to update the app.

How do I download and install Samsung Flow on my phone?

    You can find Samsung Flow in Play Store or Galaxy Apps.

    Note: For Galaxy TabPro S/Galaxy Book users, tap your unlocked phone on the NFC tag side of the TabPro S/Galaxy Book touchpad of the keyboard. You will be brought to the Play Store to download the Samsung Flow app.

How do I download and install Samsung Flow on my Samsung Gear?

    You can find Samsung Flow in Galaxy Apps or on Samsung Gear or watch in Play Store.

    Search for Samsung Flow, and then download and install. To use Samsung Flow on your Samsung Gear, you need to set a PIN and lock screen for your Gear after installation.

What can I do with Samsung Flow on my Samsung Gear or watch?

    Unlock and sign into your PC or tablet using your Samsung Gear. You can also view notifications on your phone and check the flow history of your shared content. If you have connected your phone to your PC or tablet, you can make multiple device connections when you agree to use your connected devices via your PC or tablet. If you don't agree to connecting between your devices at setup, you can follow the steps below to make a multiple device connection.

    Open Samsung Flow on your phone and touch More Options. Touch Manage Devices, touch your device's name, and then touch Gear Authentication.

    Note: If you turn on Simple unlock on your Gear or watch, you can sign into your PC or tablet with a single step.

If my phone is unlocked, does it affect the use of Samsung Flow?

    You need to set up the lock screen in device settings before you can use Samsung Flow. To do this, navigate to Settings > Lock screen and security > Screen lock type, and then select an option. If you want to use Samsung Flow with a higher level of security, register Samsung Pass. You can do this by navigating to Settings > Lock screen and security > Samsung Pass.

What if I can't find my phone in the PC/tablet pairing list, even though I activated Samsung Flow?

    First, make sure the latest version of the Samsung Flow app is installed on your phone. Then, check the list of available phones that is shown on your PC or tablet when the Samsung Flow app is running on your phone.

Can I use Samsung Flow to connect my PC or tablet with more than one phone?

    No. Each PC or tablet user account can connect to only one phone.

How do I use Samsung Flow with a different user account?

    Before you can connect a phone to a different user account, you first need to remove the existing user data, as you can only register one user account per phone. To do this, first sign into the existing user account and then select More > Deregister device in Samsung Flow on the PC or tablet. Then, sign up for a new user account.

    Note: If you register for a new account on an Android tablet, the existing user account will be removed automatically.

Can I use Samsung Flow to connect a single phone to multiple PCs or tablets?

    You can register and manage up to two PCs or tablets on Samsung Flow 3.7. If your Samsung Flow version is not updated the latest version, please update.

    With Flow history, you can use your contents at home and at work. However, only one PC or tablet can be connected to your phone at once so you will have to choose which of your two registered devices you want to connect to your phone.

How can I watch content from my phone on my PC or tablet?

    Find the Smart View icon on your Windows PC or tablet, which you can find at the top of the screen on the right, next to the Hotspot on/off option. If you select Smart view, your current phone display will be shown on your PC or tablet. You can enjoy all of your activities through your phone on your PC or tablet, including sending and replying to mesages, and gaming too.

    You can add your favorite apps on the right side of Smart View mode by touching the Favorite apps option.

Notification Sync and Transfer Files

I can't send/receive notifications with Samsung Flow.

    Check the Notification App setting to see whether the Notification option is on. If the Notification option is off, turn on the Notification option and try again.

    Note: This may not be available on some apps if they don't support Android notifications.

I don't want to get whole messages from my phone to PC/tablet. Can I manage my notifications sync?

    You can manage your notifications sync. Please open Samsung Flow on your phone and touch More Options > Settings > Manage notifications. If you turn off the All apps option, you will not get any notifications. Please manage your notifications settings to set what you want to get from your PC or tablet.

How can I share files with another device?

    Find the Share/Share via option within the app you want to share files from (eg., Gallery), and then choose Samsung Flow from the sharing icons/options. You can also drag and drop a file directly onto the Samsung Flow window. Learn more about transferring files using Samsung Flow.

Troubleshooting FAQs

The Samsung Flow features are not working. Why is this?

    If your PC or tablet is locked while using Samsung Flow features through your phone authentication, you will need to log back into your device via your phone authentication before you can continue using the features. If you turn on Simple unlock, you can easily use Samsung Flow.

    When your phone is unlocked, Simple unlock allows you to sign into your PC or tablet as long as your phone is close to it.

I received an Error Message: "Bluetooth is not available". What should I do?

    Samsung Flow requires the following system requirements: Win10 1703, June patch 15063.413, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.

    To make sure that Bluetooth is activated on your devices, check if there is a Bluetooth button in the Action center. If there is no Bluetooth button, search for and select device manager in the search bar. Then, check if Bluetooth is disabled on the device and if so, turn it on. Lastly, reboot the device.

I received an Error Message: "You cannot access Bluetooth device." What should I do?

    Make sure your PC or tablet's Bluetooth is on. If the problem still persists, on your PC or tablet, select Start > Settings > Privacy > Radios. Turn Let apps control radios on, then go to Choose apps that can control radios and turn Samsung Flow on.

What should I do if my Windows PC or tablet won't register during Samsung Flow setup?

    If "Allow Companion device for secondary authentication" is disabled, your device will not successfully register. To fix this, first select the search bar on the Windows task bar. Enter gpedit.msc and go to Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Microsoft Secondary Authentication Factor > Allow Companion device for secondary authentication.

    Check that the option is disabled. If it is, select Enabled. Then, select the search bar on the Windows task bar and enter gpupdate/force. Once that is complete, reboot your PC or tablet.

I get the Error Message "verification failed" when I log into Samsung Flow on my PC or tablet.

    As this may be caused by a PC or tablet and phone compatibility issue, update Samsung Flow to the latest version on all of your devices to make sure you are using the latest version of the software. You can open Samsung Flow on your phone, touch More Options > Manage Devices > Simple unlock and turn it off.

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