Features of the SmartThings services

Last Update date : Mar 09. 2022

Monitor and control all your Smart devices in one place with the SmartThings app on your phone, tablet, smartwatch, Samsung TV and Fridge. SmartThings works with any brand of phone and is compatible with 1000s of smart devices. Find out how SmartThings can help make your day-to-day life easier.

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SmartThings Home Care

SmartThings Home Care is an integrated home appliance management service that monitors connected home appliances to provide AI diagnosis and solutions, in case of problems. It also notifies users of home appliance pattern information and information about accessory replacements and purchase links. 

Manage your home appliances easily and conveniently with SmartThings Home Care.

SmartThings Pet Care

SmartThings Pet Care makes it easy to keep your furry friends safe and happy, wherever you are. You can access the camera in your Jet Bot AI+ vacuum, which is engineered to recognise your dog and make it easy for you to watch a live stream of your pet. Also, you can play their favourite music through Jet Bot AI+, including our veterinarian-curated playlist for maximum relaxation, all from the SmartThings app. And if they happen to make a mess in the kitchen, you can even set your Jet Bot AI+ vacuum to clean up after them.

SmartThings Cooking

Even easier and more personalised cooking.

Make your kitchen experience more joyful. The SmartThings Cooking Service saves time and minimises the burden of cooking. By understanding your needs, it recommends personalised recipes, generates a weekly meal plan, enables seamless food shopping, and offers an interactive experience.

SmartThings Clothing Care

Helping you make the most of your Samsung clothing care devices connected to SmartThings. 

Get personalised tips to fit your laundry habits as well as tips on how to care for your clothes.

Keep track of your clothes wash supplies with SmartThings Clothing Care. 

Experience new life without laundry worries with SmartThings Clothing Care.

SmartThings Air Care

SmartThings Air Care is an integrated Samsung air quality management service provided by the SmartThings App. 

  • It shows the air quality of each room at a glance and analyses indoor/outdoor air quality to provide customised air control tips. 

  • It shows trends of indoor air quality and outdoor air quality to help identify and respond to air quality conditions inside and outside of the house. 

Keep your indoor air quality clean with SmartThings Air Care.

SmartThings Energy

SmartThings Energy service is an IoT service that easily checks the electricity usage of connected home appliances, reduces electricity bills, and makes home appliances more efficient.

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