How Do I use Automatic Drying?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020






The Samsung Washer detects the weight of the laundry and then calculates the optimal drying time.


To further understand and learn how to use Automatic Drying on your washer, see illustration below of the Control Panel of Samsung Front Loader Washing Machine (WD10F7S7SRP):


control panel 


If you opt to use Automatic Drying on your washer, select Drying on the Cycle Selector as shown above. This is to dry laundry automatically by detecting the amount and weight of the laundry.


Using Dry Course:

Refer to the label of drying capacity and be sure to put the clothes below the marked line (7.0kg).


Follow these steps to use the Drying feature:

Step 1: Open the door, put the clothes inside the machine and close the door again.

Step 2: Press the Power button, and then press the Drying button. 
Note: The standard course will be selected automatically. 
    ● Drying is not available for Drum Clean, Outdoor Care, Wool, Bedding and Air Wash courses.

Step 3: Press the Drying button and choose drying type based on the programs below: 
    Drying Programs

    ● Every press of this button will select drying type repeatedly in the following order: Cupboard → Iron → Small Load → Low Temp. → Time (30 min. → 1:00 h → 1:30 h → 2:00 h → 2:30 h) → Cupboard


drying programs 


    ● It automatically displays Drying Time by sensing the weight of clothes before drying for increasing the drying effect.



■ For any loads of laundry, you can use the Auto Dry function. If you find that the laundry is not completely dried, you may use the Time Dry function as well.

■ If both the spin and drying cycles are selected, the spin speed is automatically selected to enhance the drying efficiency.

■ When using the drying cycle, check if the water supply valve is opened.
Soft Keep function is to prevent laundry from being wrinkled when the laundry is not immediately removed after drying.

■ While the Soft Keep function is running, END is displayed waiting for you remove the laundry.


4. Press Start/Pause button. 
    It automatically performs an optimal function from washing to drying. 
    ● The selected course can’t be altered after the start of drying. 
    ● If cold water is not supplied, drying will not be performed. 
    ● If you select Dry only, Spin is automatically selected as well to improve the drying performance (Cupboard only).

    ● If you don’t want the Spin operation, please manually unselect Spin by pressing the Spin button.






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