How To Transport The Side By Side Refrigerator

Last Update date : Oct 06. 2020

Refrigerator Transporting

To transport the refrigerator properly, perform the following steps:

1 Shut off the water supply valve.
How To Transport The Side By Side Refrigerator
2 With the doors closed, hold down the water dispenser until water no longer dispenses.
How To Transport The Side By Side Refrigerator
3 Inspect all compartments and remove any items that may spoil, spill, or produce unpleasant odors while being transported.
4 Unplug the refrigerator and secure the power cord to prevent damaging it.
5 Secure the doors to prevent them from opening.
6 When moving the fridge, keep it in the upright position. If this is not possible, tilt the refrigerator backward as little as possible.
7 Once the refrigerator is in the new location, wait at least 1 hour to plug it in.
8 While waiting to plug in the fridge, connect the water supply, and verify that the water valve is open.
How To Transport The Side By Side Refrigerator
8 After one hour, plug in the refrigerator and turn on Power Cool and Power Freeze.
How To Transport The Side By Side Refrigerator

NOTE: Power Freeze and Power Cool will shut off automatically. Allow 12-24 hours for normal cooling and ice production levels to return.



It is extremely important to allow the unit to stand upright in its final location before plugging in so that compressor lubricant is settled in the reservoir. Depending on how it was positioned during transport, and for how long, the unit should sit for up to 24 hours before it is plugged in.


The refrigerator contains a small quantity of oil that lubricates the internal parts of the compressor. Moving, tilting, or vibrating the refrigerator can cause the oil to move out of the reservoir and into the piping. If the refrigerator is then plugged in, it will run with a partially empty oil reservoir, which could cause damage to the compressor.

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