Is there a way to end the dry cycle early on my tumble dryer or washer dryer?

Last Update date : Oct 05. 2020

Is there a way to end the dry cycle early on my tumble dryer or washer dryer?




We do not recommend stopping the dryer early – all of our dryers are sensor dryers and will dry until the required drying result is achieved.


Washer Dryers


If you want to end the cycle early on a washer dryer, you can turn the appliance off by pressing the Power switch.  Please note that for safety reasons, the cycle will not immediately switch off.

The unit will show HOT in the display, then the dryer will run the cooling fan until the temperature of the washer dryer is below 50°C and then the unit will switch off.


Tumble Dryers: models beginning DV7**, DV8**, DV9**.


The cycle can be stopped at any point by switching off the unit by pressing the power button.  

Dryers using heat pump technology (models beginning DV7**, DV8**, DV9**) are more energy efficient and have a lower temperature inside the dryer.

This will not have a detrimental affect on the appliance but the dry result may not be to your satisfaction if it is ended early.


Tumble Dryers: models beginning DV431***


On the DV431*** model you should not end the cycle early at all.

The appliance has overheat protection. The tumble dryer is likely to trigger this if the dryer is stopped early, requiring an engineer to reset. The overheat protection function prevents any risk of overheating of the heating element and is essential for safety.



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