When registering Samsung appliance, the AP display turns off and the screen freezes at 48%.

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

1 When connecting pre-2018 or early 2018 Samsung appliances to SmartThings, processing may stop at 48% and the connection could be interrupted if the router configuration is not correct.


Check your router configuration.

Refer to the user manual provided with the router to check the router configuration and make the following changes.

- UPnP Setting (Port forwarding): ON/ENABLED   
- Multicast Forwarding (IGMP): ON/ENABLED


Note: The format, location, and configuration values of the settings menu of the router may differ by manufacturer.

AP Display - Internet Connection


Update the router firmware.


You can prevent certain problems that may occur with the connection by updating the firmware to the most recent version. Manufacturers continuously update router firmware to fix errors and malfunctions.


Note: The method of updating the firmware for different routers may
differ. Refer to the user manual provided with the router for more details.

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