All displayed color on screen are only black and white. Why is this?

Last Update date : Oct 06. 2020

If you activated Wind down mode, displayed colors on the screen are black and white tone.

Please check you enabled this mode by mistake on following steps : Settings > Digital wellbeing > Wind down

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3 Wind down
Wind down settings

You can activate Wind down mode to reduce eye strain before sleeping and prevent your sleep from being disturbed.

ㆍGreyscale : Displays colors on the screen as grey tones.

ㆍDo not disturb: Set the device to mute incoming calls and notification sounds, except for allowed exceptions.

CF.) Night mode (Settings > Display > Night mode) also can reduce eye strain by applying the dark theme when using the device at night or in a dark place.  However the dark theme may not be applied in some apps and Home/lock screen.

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