Galaxy Camera: How Do I use the Best Photo feature?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

Best Photo

The Best photo option will capture eight photos and select the best one. To turn the Best photo feature on, with the camera application open, touch and hold Mode 1 , and then touch the Best photo thumbnail.

Aim the camera at the scene or subject and partially depress the Shutter1 button until the focal point turns green. Alternatively, you can touch the screen to focus on a specific area of the scene. When the focal point turns green, press and hold the camera shutter button. Your camera will capture eight images in quick succession. You will be taken to a review screen, and you will be shown the best picture first. You can touch and hold a thumbnail to add additional shots to the Best photo list. Selected pictures will appear with a thumbs-up icon. When you have marked all of the Best shots, touch Save to store those photos to the album and discard the rest.

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