Tab S3: How do I write or draw on a picture using my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3(SM-T820)?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020


The Gallery app allows you to organize, manage and edit all photos stored on your tablet. The Gallery app also offers some basic photo editing features, allowing you to write or draw on an image very easily.

Write or draw on a picture

1. From the Home screen, touch Apps Appli.

2. Touch Gallery Galerie.

3. By default, pictures are sorted by the date and time they were taken. Touch ALBUMS to view photos and videos grouped by album.
Draw or write 1

4. Touch the album containing the picture you want to use.

Draw or write 2

5. Touch the picture you want to crop.

Draw or write 3

6. Touch Edit.

Draw or write 4

7. Touch Decoration.

Draw or write 5

8. Different possibilities are available. First, touch Draw.

Draw or write 6

9. Touch Pen to access the Pen settings panel.

Draw or write 7

10. Touch one of the pen available to use it. You can also modify the line thickness and the color used. Then touch CLOSE.

Draw or write 8

11. Using your finger you can write or draw on the picture. But you can also use the S Pen.

Draw or write 9

12. When you are done editing the picture, touch the Apply icon APPLY and then SAVE if you want to save changes. But you can also discard your edits by touching the Cancel icon CANCEL.

Draw or write 10

13. You can also write on a pic using a label. For that purpose, touch Label.

Draw or write 11

14. Swipe up to display all available labels. Then, touch the label you want to use.

Draw or write 12

15. Enter the text and then touch OK.

Draw or write 13

16. You can move the label anywhere, using your finger. It is also possible to delete it using the upper right corner, to rotate it using the lower left corner or change its size using the other two corners.

Draw or write 14

17. Touch the Apply icon APPLY.

Draw or write 15

18. Touch SAVE.

Draw or write 16

19. Touch the Back icon or the Back key.

Draw or write 17

20. The edited picture is saved in the album, containing the original picture, as a copy. The original picture remains unedited:

Draw or write 18


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